Dove River Devon Mine

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Dove River Devon Mine

Post by admin » Sun Sep 15, 2013 3:08 pm

The Devon mine Dove river Tasmania

In my prospecting the more cause you our party joined Walked neighboring Hills and Mountains over to make a splendid Find
-James Philosopher Smith (Smith Papers, Tas Archive NS 234/15/5)

TIME: 7 hours
Grading: hard

A visit to this isolated silver lead show at the bottom of the Dove river Gorge offers views of Cradle Mountian, Central Plateau, Forth and dove valleys. The well defined track is muddy even in dry conditions. The second half is steep and drops 600 meters into the Dove river valley below.

in 1892 three decades after James Smith made the first sphalerite find here (Silver, Zinc, lead ore). Malcolm Cambell discovered a lode in the Dove Gorge. The Devon mining company brought the claim from Cambell and worked the lode from 1899-1912. It only survived this long because the ore was clean and did not require concentrating as heavy machinery could not have been brought down the track to clean it up to grade.

Stop the car on the clearing beside the Cethana sign on the left hand side of the Cradle mountain link road. Follow the 4 wheel drive track east passing the gate. This road goes down to Charlestons land purchase down the bottom. After approx 30 min (marked by a log on the right) the overgrown Van Diemens land Co track intersects the Devon track and a few min later again leads off to the left. Ignore this and continue south east down the main track. A few min later a rock cairn (pile of stacked rocks) on the right marks a track to the lookout. with views of Cradle mountain above the Dove river valley. Shortly after, the overgrown Winspeares road leads off to the east Originally meeting the VDL Co track near the Forth River.

Dogwood Manfern and fireweed dominate the regrowth. And then the track descends steeply down to the river. At the river is the "Hotel hilton Hellhole hut". A flying fox carted ore across the river from the mine on the south side of the Dove. the Dove is approx 40 meters wide when not in flood and is a tricky and slippery crossing. The River is snow, spring and rain fed from Cradle mountains immense catchment area.

update, post office tree is now private and locked. as is the Cethana and lemonthyme road..

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Re: Dove River Devon Mine

Post by Kodiak » Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:39 pm

Visited this mine 3 weeks ago (June 2015), lucky enough the river was down and crossing wasn't too dramatic. Was fascinated by the flooded shaft and lowered a waterproof camera down but became snagged before reaching the bottom, retrieved without incident fortunately. Any idea how deep the shafts are.

Anyone been to the Silver Dove mine downstream a few km ??

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Re: Dove River Devon Mine

Post by Philski » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:45 pm

i have if that counts.. Stunning area. i met my wife there, and have spent near half my life there.. if that helps.. No doubt its irreverent in un-mineralised hobart,,

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