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North West and West Coast

Moina / Five Mile Rise / Tabberabberan

Tasmanian North West and West Coast Range regional Geology

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by admin » Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:12 am

One of my all time favorite haunts is the Moina district in the central north of Tasmania. This is a field i have spent the majority of my adult life on looking at its nature and geology first hand.

im so excited, I got permission from Pluton Resources tonight to hit Five mile rise across from Cethana and nudging the WHA. It's the geology in this province that is so spectacular and the extreme difficulty in the Dove River escarpment. Granites, Basalts, Limestone, Conglomerates da da dada. its off the show. It includes everything from the Cambrian to today and more features than you can poke a scarn at. Zonal diversity around the Granite pluton with major faulting, all in a sub sea coastal environment. The tabberabberan was so tremendous it altered Victoria as well as Tasmania In the field guide to Australian Minerals it is up in the top 5% of mineral provinces Australia wide for mineral diversity. It topography is only for the stout. And this is my first go at it.

Anyway, tomorrow,, weather permitting.. its on...

The Campbell Brothers discovered this field in the late 1800's. After Bell Creek was worked out.
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by admin » Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:59 pm

Old VDL track access to the Great Caledonian, union, and O'Rourkes Hydraulic Mines

"While we where discussing our Breakfast two Victorian Miners appeared on the scene with an unutterably mangy and miserable looking dog. They... had given the alluvial fields a fortnights trial, and were disgusted with it, there being very little gold to be got and very little water to get it with. The hills they said where awful.. a sentiment we fully endorse."
Peregrinator (WD Weston) Trip to the summit of Cradle Mountain Examiner 28/2 - 4/3 - 11/3/1891

The point at which the Cradle Mountain road swings into Middlesex plains is the well known site of the Post office Tree. The track cut by Fossey in 1827 by the VDL company passes within 500 meters of the Five Mile Rise Field. From Mole creek via Lorinna to Burnie.

*Caution should be exercised at all times and multiple unmarked shafts are in the area*

Great Caledonian Workings
Take the left hand track at the post office tree and after 15 min it descends and forks at a big stump. The original VDL track bends sharply around to the right. the better left hand track take you to the Great Caledonian Workings including a hut site and evidence of a settlement that in 1891 had the appearance of a small township. Follow the line of blue tape to the water race then follow that to the main shaft.

Return to the stump and fork in the track. and take the right hand track. For the first 30 min or so it is very overgrown in places and boggy but passable. Push through a stand of manferns and turn right for the Devon Mine.

Governor Arthur in 1829 inspected the area in a light horse drawn cart.

The track divides after another 30 min or so. an hour from the post office tree. the left fork descends to the Union mine and further down to Ted O'Rourkes of Lorinna and his Hydraulic workings.

We owe the current route to the inventive Mr Alf Rowe of Sheffield who in 1960 discovered the site via a chartered plane. His track into the workings are now unfortunately overgrown. And only open to the adventurous armed with compass, gps and survival packs. There are many open and unmarked shafts in this area, so extreme caution is needed at all times.

Alternatively the lemonthyme lodge road then a short 3km walk in or via daisy dell before the post office tree and approx 8km walk. Both are gated and under forestry management.

the Union and Thistle mines are the 2 best prospects in the area on that side of ridge. The dove river show is mind bogglingly steep and extremely dangerous without ropes and dedicated climbing gear.
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