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Terra Rossa.

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:26 pm
by Philski
I recently moved the shop over to Mole Creek for a few reasons. Its a geologically very interesting to me. ( on lots of levels) and a really super beautiful part of Tasmania. really is.. Its like how we used to be. Why do cows have Hooves? because the lack toes. #

Anyways,, given time to familiarize with the landscape and surrounds. This district host an extensive ordovician high quality limestone deposit. Caves, Karsts and the like, quite a few glacial remnants, Basalt intrusions, Lots of rocks. part of the West Coast range (mineralised) and under the Tiers is the mass wasting event capital of the state.

Anyhow, We also host some outstanding Terra Rossa here, Wine country. Red Earth. Remnants that evaded the glaciers I was an assistant with Andrew Pirie while i was head chef at Rosevears (He is one of the leading wine makers and pioneers in Tasmania.And i jumped at the chance. While i was there I noticed most of our new world wines where all grown on old gold fields. Limestone, volcanics etc. Barossa, Napa, Mudgee etc, etc, etc. I even spoke to Huon Hooke while he was alive about my observations and he had never associated the two, Anyways,, given time to familiarize with my new district, i always keeping an eye out for anything geologically interesting that would benefit lots of people. Gold is good, But it honestly serves a tiny fraction of our needs. i reasoned this district would have decomposed limestone in situ that may verge into this terra rossa stuff. Its the best soil to grow wine in in the world. . And it does. I found lots of it. How cool is that, Tasmanian Terra Rossa.

Anyways, hi ho,,off to the it analysed and see how it matches up to South Australia.

Re: Terra Rossa.

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:40 am
by blisters
Does this mean you are going into the viticulture business then phil..... hopefully offering substantial discounts to users of this forum? ;)

Re: Terra Rossa.

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:24 am
by Philski
Hi Blisters. I got a sample of it. But, i still haven't posted it off to get assayed yet. just so busy in the new business. a genuine 100 hours this week,,15 hrs x 7 days and managed to drive 800km in between. anyways,, I was thinking of using one of the companies they use in the Coonawarra to get a closer replication of results. And, just haven't had a chance to do it. But, will do tomorrow, if i get time and remember.

i have mapped exposures for about 10 km square so far this month. Farmers letting me on to look around under the tiers and along the Mersey. Recently mapped cave systems that run for literally miles here and substantial glacial erratics helps keep it so interesting geologically. The terra rossa deposits are substantial in some places. There is a key to spotting them too, so that makes it much easier as faster.