Kentish District

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Kentish District

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One of the most interesting aspects of a part of Kentish geology is Sheffield's Ziolites, (in basalts) they are mostly used industrially minerals used as filters because of their intricate matrix. Including Nuclear and even wine making. The area also host some outstanding pillow basalt (behind the pub) these basalts formed under water and are thick in ziolites >1 meter. I have head mention the old timers thought Sheffield was under water at some stage. Most likely as the land was first cleared, and the soil below became apparent. And over time. The word was lost.

The plains of Sheffield are predominantly fertile basalt and conglomerate scree fields with not yet meandering catchments. Minnow keytones underlay the Gog. to the the southern and western fringe are the most heavily mineralized. Gog range, Mount Roland (trace silver lead, Hematite, Geothermal , Round Mountain Silver lead gold, copper, and Mount Claude silver lead, are all mineralized and part of the West Coast Range or its East West extension the Fossey Trough. The fossey follows to Que River then tends North South.

Economic minerals include Gold, Coal, Silver, Lead, Copper, Asrsnic, Barite, Pyrite, Limonite, Copper, Zinc, Geothermal and some rare ziolites with the majority of occurrences on the northern aspect of the range. Some major deposits are on the south too. but the majority is on the north.

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