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Gold Miners HQ + Gold Miner Game

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:20 am
by Philski
Bruce from Springfield Missouri developed the gold miner HQ site and just made me an awesome gold games banner.
The below link is to his website Gold Miners HQ

Bruce also runs a prospecting directory and historical mining information site that is a valuable asset and he is very passionate about it and prospecting. He was saying the state of California have also recently banned sluices and he was the second largest training provider there so he and other all went broke. Some green group that talked a lot to the media and nobody told them to put a sock in it or simply to stfu. and hey presto.. gone.

its important we have balanced and robust debate. Or it gets overrun by egotistical and opinionated groups. And we lose out. Sluices are banned in this state and if Victoria falls. That entire industry and out simple hobby gear will be on the way to being outlawed.

He also has a great gold miner game website too.