Tasmanian World Heritage Area BOUNDARY MODIFICATION

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Tasmanian World Heritage Area BOUNDARY MODIFICATION

Postby admin » Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:55 pm


Our amazing World Heritage area is about to be extended to its more natural boundaries and protect significant forest reserves. The North to the Western and Eastern Tiers, Mole Creek area, Mount Field National Park area. Florentine, Styx, Down to the south coast. 170000+ hectares of our 6,852,000 Hectares (mainland Tasmania landmass) Im not sure if this is on top of the 120000 or so in the forest peace deal or an extension of it. Because of the sensitivity and protection it offers the reserve and the level of natural cultural geological history on a global scale..

The decision is due during the 17–27 June 2013 UNESCO Meeting.

Below is a link to the submission.
http://www.environment.gov.au/heritage/ ... ossier.pdf

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