Prospecting Around Australia

Rules and regulations In Tasmania for prospecting

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Prospecting Around Australia

Post by Philski » Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:22 pm

I thought i would put a comparative list of every other States requirements for small scale prospecting / fossicking in Australia. Australia and NZ are the only places that use Fossicking as the term used for prospecting. And, in reality fossicking is more akin to looking for man made relics. Than Gold and other geo elements.

Fees and conditions will change from year to year at the discretion of each state and territories mines director.

This is a snapshot of how Australia is travelling and Tasmania's position in it all, price wise. Qld has been seasonally adjusted (plundered) as well, by the look of it and tops even Tasmania for price today!
However, every other Australian State and Territory. Except Tasmania. Enjoy the use of a sluice box. As they should. Its interesting to note R.Bottrill (2010) Alluvial gold in Tasmania 11.
Web source : ... MR11_2.pdf
Has a sluice box getting used, bang smack on the front cover! Will MRT ever acknowledge they have a major communication issue?

fees are in increasing order.

South Australia. FREE. and, you can claim up to 250 hectares if you want to peg a mining lease.. ... fossicking

NSW . FREE,, ... -Wales.PDF


Victoria. Two year Miner's Right - $31.30 - (Ave $16.65 p/a).Ten year Miner's Right - $87.70 ($8.77 p/a) ... fossicking

WA . $25.00 ... Rights.pdf

Tasmania. Year $29.30 ... RDA_P1.PDF

QLD $7.05 a month or $44.75 yearly or $59.90 Family

it would cost me $234.40 to get a licence for my family of 8 in Tasmania. So i called. My agency why not. MRT seemed happy if i took my kids with me for free. Thankfully. It did take 3 people to say yes though. so can understand why they need to increase fees so substantially in order to waste it as fast as they can. Thank god for royalties huh. all the education programs and remediation work and employment opportunities that vast sum of money has funded. is where exactly?

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