New Mineral Resources Tasmania - DEPARTMENT of STATE GROWTH

Rules and regulations In Tasmania for prospecting

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New Mineral Resources Tasmania - DEPARTMENT of STATE GROWTH

Post by Philski » Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:11 am

I dont know if you have noticed yet but Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT) not only have a new VOIP telephone system they also have a new look website and department name. DEPARTMENT of STATE GROWTH! no less.

With the changes to legislation just passed and the range of digital and passive prospecting tools available today the State never looked so good or confident about moving forward and in the right direction geologically, prosperously and sustainability. The small scale prospecting license is yet to be updated and may be a perfect time to ask for some changes to how this one is worded.

They kindly put up a feedback page asking for our opinion. While i do feel neglected and unheard as a small scale prospector by MRT. As a member of AUSIMM i feel a tiny bit ever so slightly more confident they will eventually have to listen and take our concerns seriously. Things do need to change. Obviously nobody wants to harm the environment and the mining and prospecting "industry" is moving forward sustainably, at a far greater rate of knots, than the green movement can keep up with.

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