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>>URGENT<< WHA draft management plan

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:36 pm
by Philski
Hi all
The Tasmanian world heritage area is open for public submission till 5pm on the 22nd of March 2015

This is an area i have lived in and around for the past 20 odd years. And understand and know many of the stake holders involved. My family (Stacey's) mined and prospected an area not far from the image above nearly 100 years ago. Their finds and the rush that ensured helped Tasmania in a time of great need. its important to me at least.

It could be a unique opportunity for small scale and non destructive prospecting. Detector only etc. to open the area up for the Tasmanian community to use the area, as it should be, similar to the Victorian and NSW national parks initiatives. The area encoumapses 1.58 million hectares and covers 1/3 of the Tasmanian mainland. Many areas today inside the WHA are entered via historical prospecting tracks. And could open up Jane river etc to the people that actually put the original track in.

a copy of the draft can be found here ... 20Plan.pdf

I will be entering a submission and encourage everyone with an interest in the area to do the same, you may not ever get the chance to have a say in its direction again.

Re: >>URGENT<< WHA draft management plan

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:48 pm
by Philski
I sent a submission in so hopefully we get some say in its direction. The draft plan has been extended till the 22nd of this month. 2 days left to have some input if you feel like the other 30% of our state that is controlled by a group of countries in europe and elsewhere and our own WHA board composed up of business people!

80% of the worlds major mines where found by small scale prospectors. thats us. If you think thats not important or you want even less of Tasmania to explore in the future. simply say nothing.


How to be Involved - Making a Representation

The representation period is an important part of the process of developing an effective management plan for the TWWHA.

To help members of the public to understand the content of the draft Plan, the representation process and the process for developing the final approved plan, the Project Team held a series of information sessions across the State during March. Specific information sessions focussing on the Tasmanian Aboriginal cultural management content of the draft plan were also held.

The Project Team encourages anyone with an interest in the management of the TWWHA to make a representation. Please make your representation concise and clear. It will help if you refer to sections of the plan and say whether you agree or disagree with the proposals of interest to you. Wherever possible, give reasons and provide sources of information. Suggest alternatives if you disagree. Giving reasons, offering information and alternative suggestions will help improve the plan.

You can make a representation in writing to:
Draft TWWHA Management Plan Representation
Director of National Parks and Wildlife
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
PO Box 44
Hobart TAS 7001
Or by email:

Representations need to be received by 5 pm Sunday 22 March 2015.

Your representation will be made available for public viewing by the Tasmanian Planning Commission.
taken from: ... ement-plan

Re: >>URGENT<< WHA draft management plan

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:50 pm
by Philski
this is what i sent,,

Hi i represent 250 members of the Tasmanian small scale Prospecting community and would like to encourage our participation in the WHA in a non destructive and constructive way, as other states in Australia enjoy. Metal detecting as an example only remove sharps and rubbish left over from a less sympathetic time and precious metals like Gold and osmiridium of course. As a group we remove more rubbish from the Tasmanian bush than any other group there is.

I personally have the unique position of living in and around the WHA for over 20 years and have lived in other outstanding natural area here in Tasmania. Flinders Is,, Freycinet and every town on the west coast. On the ground knowledge and experience im happy to put to any test. Am i a redneck.. no, im studying for a bachelor of science degree majoring in geology, with an emphasis on sustainability. This is my home and im very passionate about it.

My great uncles (Stacy) discovered the Adamsfield Osmiridium deposit and im sure every one is aware the overland track was a prospecting track till it was degraded by tourists.
We need more of our state to explore and this may be our only chance.

80% of the worlds major mines have been found by small scale prospectors and the major mountain building events that shaped Tasmania and Eastern Australia, at present are impossible to map in it current restrictive form.

Even prospecting tours in the area would be a great way of combining our geological history and experience with areas at present we have no way of visiting legally.

Fossicking the WHA

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:30 pm
by Philski
The draft WHA plan submission process has finished and i found a nice way to get into the Tasmanian World heritage area to Fossick. They have fossicking as an activity at Adamsfield, bushwalking, camping, kayaking etc in many of the river systems and walking areas. Multipurpose as it is supposed to be.

I spoke to Parks today and while he did not appreciate it, told me if i felt i was allowed to. And its clearly written in the plan i can.

Fossicking is a term found in Cornwall, Australia and New Zealand referring to prospecting, especially in more recent times, when carried out as a recreational activity. This can be for gold, precious stones, fossils, etc. by sifting through a prospective area.


Designated Fossicking areas in the New WHA plan

Visitor Services Zone / Prohibited
Recreation Zone / Permitted in conservation areas and regional reserves, authority required
Self-Reliant Recreation Zone / Permitted in conservation areas and regional reserves, authority required
Remote Recreation Zone / Prohibited

This includes the FRANKLIN RIVER. I asked for the boundary area in meters from the center of the stream system, so i know my legal limits. I can dig 2 meters down and never do. Parks told me, if i felt i could. under the new plan, below Cradle mountain visitors information center. South of Macquarie Harbor, South Coast Tracks. Etc, Lots of ground.

The map can be found in the link below, page 27. ... 20Plan.pdf

Non powered hand tools only. Authority (prospecting and fossicking licence) access is limited to the designated map boundaries. And are to scale on the map.

This allows a substantial amount of the Tasmanian wilderness to be opened up to us, right now. Most areas do not carry gold, but i dont care about what mineral it is as long as i can have access in my home state. Im not sure of the percentage % but would imagine this opens up the biggest single access we have enjoyed for many years in Tasmania.

Re: >>URGENT<< WHA draft management plan

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:38 pm
by Burbury
Hi Phil, i for one can,t thank you enough for entering a submision on behalf of the prospecting community ie; US ! , as well as the public in general , IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that we have access to our own heritage and just as important that we respect it for what it is and if we enter these areas , to leave it as we found it . we must preserve our heritage and leave no rubbish behind .
We are very fortunate some of the powers that be- have stood on our side in this time and just as important for everyone to understand if we abuse it we can LOSE IT ! THERE ARE PLENTY WANTING THESE AREAS CLOSED TO ALL ! .
Thanks Phil for speaking on our behalf , We have had a win Wooopeee !! .
Cheers Burbury.
:D :D