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Re: IMPORTANT - Feedback on current prospecting regulations

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:28 pm
by Philski
Article 17 : Access to Mineral Prospecting
Mineral prospecting is free over the entire National Territory,

20. Exploitation: Any activity by means of which a person carries out, from an identified deposit, and by
means of surface and/or underground works, extraction of mineral substances from a deposit or a nonnaturally
occurring deposit and, if applicable, processing thereof in order to use them or sell them;

21. Artisanal Exploitation: Any activity by means of which a person of Congolese nationality carries out
extraction and concentration of mineral substances using artisanal tools, methods and processes, within
an artisanal exploitation area limited in terms of surface area and depth up to a maximum of thirty

We are not as inclusive in Tasmania as the CONGO. i can only dream.. Fair rights to prospect and ALL it entails in Tasmania. I think we have a better chance getting unicorns and they call it a "Prospecting Certificate". So it cant be real, completely different thing. not the same, different to our prospecting licence. nah not true, its fake. fake country. even if it was true. its not, mmmmmk..

Re: IMPORTANT - Feedback on current prospecting regulations

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:38 pm
by junkhunter
Can only agree with your comments Phil . It seems to me that we have a permanent hangover from our convict past and we will be treated as such !

Re: IMPORTANT - Feedback on current prospecting regulations

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:26 am
by Philski
I didnt get onto the legal side because i had some other issues to sort out today and time got away from me. Its the abuse we suffer compared to every other states comparable Acts. that is unconstitutional.

I also want to present my argument to the UNHRC with as many facts as possible. It will take a few more weeks to compile. But i am confident MRT and importantly my State Government have broken quite a few basic human rights.

We get our licence from Mineral Resources Tasmania. To make us legal and everyone happy. Mineral - Resources - Tasmania

Mineral means a naturally occurring inorganic substance of one or more elements

a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.
"local authorities complained that they lacked resources"
synonyms: assets, funds, wealth, money, riches, capital,

MINERAL RESOURCES TASMANIA. Why would anyone including myself think a misnomer like "Mineral Resources Tasmania" is where you would get a prospecting licence from and all it would entail.

Why did fossicking areas have no selling of material. And, prospecting license did not? That is a different area, its free. And, totally agreeable. But, when you pay for something and now get no return. That is not cool one little bit. That's called a rip off....

Re: IMPORTANT - Feedback on current prospecting regulations

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:35 pm
by Dave79
I can't agree more. Thanks very much for giving up your time to make things better for all of us. Who should we direct letters asking for change to? Good luck and hopefully we don't have to pack up all our prospecting gear and move to the Congo!

Re: IMPORTANT - Feedback on current prospecting regulations

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:53 pm
by Philski
South Australia. Fossicking Licence: no sale of minerals, Crown owns them. However, importantly, this is not a Prospecting licence. Its a free fossicking licence. We also have fossicking and fossicking areas in Tasmania, with no sale of minerals found there. Fossicking and prospecting have been utterly confused in Tasmania. By people that should know the difference.

They (SA) do Very importantly offer a Precious stone PROSPECTING permit, It cost you money, just like ours to buy and gives you rights to prospect and mine for opal. Mine for it.. With Rights,, wow. ... egulations

Western Australia define Both Prospecting and Fossicking as interchangeable but have different meanings. I agree. So does every other State understand this simplest of things, except this one.
With, staged provisions for ad valorem. Royalties, A miners right is what we call a prospecting licence, they offer both as well as we do. Free and paid. Free Crown - Paid Ours..

QLD have a fossicking licence. not to be confused with a prospecting licence.
They do have what they call a "PROSPECTING PERMIT" that gives the right to hand mine with picks and shovels and sieves etc. . ... -guide.pdf

NSW and Victoria have already been covered. But happy to compile the lot, so it does not confuse anyone.

All the states in Australia except TASMANIA, have defined fossicking and prospecting as different beasts. All give both free (fossicking) and PAID (prospecting licenses)

FREE FOSSICKING IN ANY STATE you cant sell because the crown own ALL MINERALS, Once you buy a license, permit, certificate, voucher or what ever you want to call it.
Licence as defined: accredited, approved, certified, permitted

WE sell Prospecting licences, to PROSPECT. Scratch around on the surface with hand tools, Its not about drill rigs and boggers and getting tonnage. And, the Tasmanian MRDA and MRT needs to understand and clearly it needs to be written and conveyed to not only clarify the difference between fossicking and prospecting. (with limits) But, to Keep in line with Every single other State in Australia. Because, the way it has been written at present and with its limitation it is breaking our constitutional rights. And, hopefully in the not too distant future they will be given a chance to explain why The Tasmanian Government think they are above the constitution with its Inconsistency of laws

50 years before Federation. The actions of those people at the Eureka ultimately helped change the laws that governing prospecting and prospectors and how they were treated by the authorities of the day. That's why we have those rights today everywhere in Australia. They still stand. And, they are worth fighting for. They passed the scrutiny of federation for a reason.

Some of our prospectors are professionals in mining as well, Exploration, Mining, Engineering and trade. Its not the same thing.

109 Inconsistency of laws

When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.



Re: IMPORTANT - Feedback on current prospecting regulations

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:25 am
by Jonesy
Wow... impressed by your research an knowledge, seems like you over thinking it a bit though.. are any of the Tassie laws actually enforced? when was there an attempt at a fine or prosecution..?

Re: IMPORTANT - Feedback on current prospecting regulations

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:45 pm
by Philski
They recently changed the Tasmanian mineral resources development Act. its in writing, it now law, and its inconsistent with the rest of the states laws. I'm pretty sure they changed it to suit their own Pre 1851 agenda. But, that was then and this is now. And, i can show hundreds of times other Australian prospector have sold there finds legally. We thankfully have mechanism in place to protect us under the constitution to stop these left wing hippy shit ill informed fascist shenanigans occuring.

Interestingly, if we really did get unicorns in Tasmania. i could get a hunting permit and shoot it (in season) and eat it and tan its hide for a great talking piece in the man cave. (bottle opener) Legally and within the law.(feral) Today. No doubt, Some boffin in Hobart that's never seen one would recommend Mythical beasts and fairy tale characters would be included in the Act to protect them from harm and stop the greens having a collecting hissy fit and chain themselves to mermaid statues at the drop of a hat