Prospecting Depth

Rules and regulations In Tasmania for prospecting

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Prospecting Depth

Post by Philski » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:25 pm

One key issue missing on the Tasmanian prospecting licence im my opinion is how far down you can dig.

I spoke with MRT today and confirmed it against the mining act. its 2 meters. Legally anything the agency does has to follow the act. Regardless of who runs the show. Its more important than our political and bureaucratic system and our freedoms are built on it. So are theirs.

I feel Tasmanian small scale prospectors would benefit if the Tasmanian Prospecting Licence reflected in logical / common terms what we can and cant do at a glance. And it would save me ringing them every time i need an answer and them time answering my silly questions. But, happy to get a positive response.

200 centimeters is a long way down.

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