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Famous Tasmanian Prospectors

William Harper Twelvetrees Tasmanian Government Geologist

Famous Tasmanian Prospectors, Explorers and Track Cutters

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by admin » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:49 pm

William Harper Twelvetrees. Tasmanian Government Geologist and chief inspector of mines
Was a Governemt Appointed Geologist that proved to be most worthy in his person and effort.
WH Twelvetrees was and is my favorite Government Geologist to read. His reports are factual and humble and honest and correct. His way of writing is second to none and is more on the money than most in description and honesty even today. I am staggered to read his reports on areas i visit and the way we read the land. They offer us today the best way to visit a field without actually being there.

William Twelvetrees, Worked as a child in the mines of Easter Russia and its not dissimilar sulphide occurances and ages as us in Tasmania. We (Tasmania) where apparently connected to eastern Russia in Gondwanaland times. "apparently"... The latest petrology report has us connected to South Australia.. and us to the Ross or Trans Antarctic Range, Anyway,, He then worked in Asia Minor and was then approched by our government because he was at the time being noticed in the royal society of geologists in London.
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by drystone » Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:05 pm

couldn't agree more: every report I have read by Twelvetrees has been excellent and stood the tests of time. Easy to read, clear and accurate. If I was half the geologist he was I would be happy!
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