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Able Tasman's Compass

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:14 am
by admin
HI all

I Guess you have heard how on 22nd November 1642 Able Tasman's compass went silly 2 days sailing before sighting Tasmania's West Coast on his voyage from Batavia. He sighted i believe the mainland of Tasmania North of Macquarie Harbour And South of the Pieman Heads. Mt Heemskirk is seen and Mt Donaldson to the North are drawn in his ships log. so i can deduce from them the location he and his crew first sighted and extent of sailing up and back down the coast. cool huh

I was interested in his compass report because it is an indicator of a ferrous mineral deposit, so looked up the ships log. It is stored at Project Gutenberg and has been translated to English. found here.

The Meridian cords are out by 2 hours. This is before Greenwich Mean Time and took me a while to chart. The location of the ship 2 days out and average speed and direction i can deduce the almost, exact location of the Mineral deposit that set it all off. And then overlaying that with satellite images of the sea floor. i can see the anomaly that set it off. It was not Mount Heemskirk. Not from 50 nautical miles away. its a mountain range on the Sea bed off our coast.