Gemstones /sapphires at priory?

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Re: Gemstones /sapphires at priory?

Postby mfdes » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:56 pm

Hi pan4blisters,

From what I've heard, the sapphires at Priory are a mix of Blue Tier stuff and locally sourced stones. The George River and Thureau's Deep Lead carry sapphires from the Blue Tier. Bread and Butter Gully and other locations away from the George system are locally derived from volcanic basalt pipes in the area.

Keep in mind Bread and Butter Gully is mostly private property, and some of the area is under current exploration licence EL9/2013, including Bread and Butter Gully. There is quite a bit of that area currently under ERA and a fantastic target for new, exploratory prospecting.

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Re: Gemstones /sapphires at priory?

Postby blisters » Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:46 pm

:D.Thanks for that mfdes. I found some small spinel a few miles further out off the ansons bay road a few years back but never chased it up! The missus and i have just left O'briens creek fossicking site at mt surprise in qld. We got some nice topaz for the 24 hour period with a lot of stones in the 5-8ct range. We put them in separate bags and have competitions to keep the momentum going. Some nice cutters in amongst them. Trying to attach some pics but having trouble with this site.

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