Weld River

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Weld River

Postby ron » Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:12 pm

Hi Folks

just on my way home from the Frome River yesterday and had a short stop on the Weld River when I noticed the sign posted in a tree adjacent to the bridge "Private Property Intercourse off!!" Some prospectors are upsetting Farmer Brown?

BTW there is logging activity on the Frome Road. The road is closed 50m after the Greenstone Road junction. The work is being carried out well past the power station.


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Re: Weld River

Postby blisters » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:42 am

Just to touch on Rons post. We saw the sign the other day as well, which is situated on the western bank below the bridge, and clearly states "PRIVATE PROPERTY F**K OFF". We were talking to another couple a couple of weeks ago who recons that he had been down near the bridge ripping it into people who were in the water there. He's getting pretty upset about people chopping into the bank on his side if the river, and as we all know that is not allowed as stated on our prospecting licenses conditions!

We went up greenstone the other day ron and looks like they have finished the forestry operations up the top, with no machinery there. Maybe they forgot to remove the road closed signs! We ended up with a few the other day if that was you guys in the river and got some nice colours and a couple of small cutters, another good day out and about!

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