Holey Dollar - Tasmanian Numismastics Million dollar coin

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Holey Dollar - Tasmanian Numismastics Million dollar coin

Post by Philski » Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:26 pm


I know a lot of people have metal detectors and one of the opportunities we have in Tasmania is the chance of finding a Holey dollar. Also called an 8 reales (8 reales = 1 silver peso) or one Spanish Doubloon. These same coins that made up Australias early coinage where among the last to be plundered by the British Navy from Pirates in the Caribbean, The Spanish, Dutch and anyone else England was at war with at the time. The coins they took off them bolstered England's coinage supply at home. When this supply of minted precious metals ran out. The English ran out of coinage. And, we started using tokens here to substitute for the shortage.

Our Australian proclamation coins are made up of many different countries coins and even the holey dollar is collectible for its different mint years. And proclamation coins are fascinating to learn about. The Cartwheel Penny as an example was minted by the first steam engine power in Birmingham England.

The last Holey Dollar found in this country was found in Tasmania, and resold for $485000 several years ago. Because we have an old colony. Hobart is older than Melbourne by 30 years as an example. It originally sold for "only $100000" only a few years before. Victoria grew with the assistance of Tasmania's early settlers under Collins in 1803 and later John Batman with a host of other Tasmanians exploring the state while it was still Annexed as NSW. If Victoria had a Holey Dollar to find. It would only be one a Tasmanian dropped :lol: hahaha

http://www.news.com.au/national/histori ... 6087396886
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Re: Holey Dollar - Tasmanian Numismastics Million dollar coin

Post by indi » Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:44 pm

i know where one is under a foundation stone in hobart

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