Military relic

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Military relic

Postby ratters » Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:58 pm

Found this spent rifle cartridge today, which is nothing special normally except it was found within 50m of a former military site dating from the 1850's and through to the mid 1900's.

It's a .303 british caliber, and the headstamp codes idenitfy it as

Royal Laboratory, Woolwich Arsenal, Kent, UNITED KINGDOM
Cordite Propellant
Mk 6 Cartridge design, manufactured 1906-1912

Was barely under the ground, maybe 2 inches, found with X-terra 705.


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Re: Military relic

Postby MANINABOAT » Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:32 am

Whilst out there looking for treasure, be aware of other items besides gems, nuggets etc. There is a lot of interest and very good money in early Hobart Town pottery. Convicts brought out here that had pottery experience made bottles, jugs and jars etc. On the web you can easily find the "Makers marks" their history where they came from.

A friend of mine that has been collecting since a child travels Aust looking around old campsites and houses and diving the old jetties where the old square riggers tied up. His best find was in lower Tasmania. Valued at abt $30,000. Only 2 like it known to exist. It looked like a very tired old glass bottle to me. If I found it I would have thrown it over my shoulder. So pick those items up and Google them when you get home. This topic may have been posted before but no harm in reminding folks.

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