Australian Environmental groups lose their charitable status

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Australian Environmental groups lose their charitable status

Post by Philski » Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:11 pm

Below is the press release from our own Career Protester Christine Milne. While i do agree the environment and sustainability is paramount to all life on earth and some geological processes. People Australia wide will now be rejoicing at now being able to throw money directly into the scrub and it will get way more out of it as humus than giving it to some half baked, run from the city, environmental charity set up to bypass tax obligations. The environment will in all honesty see more of your money. Perhaps the old paper notes would be even more green! And, the organizations below with thousands of (hard working) members could then claim arbatarge on forex trades to accumulate co2 tax haven status as a new way of bypassing their brand new tax obligations using carbon rich paper notes.

As a comparison Rio Tinto spent AU$350 million dollars on research and development in this country last year, alone. Much of that was directly on the environment, sustainability and making mines are safer OH&S with better outcomes for this generation and all generations to come. Thats their level of commitment to the environment. 350 million big ones. the greens did what again?

If you lumped every single green group in this country together and asked, how much they all spent.. Compared to how much they earned and then perhaps asked them where exactly is the difference then? Im sure the greens groups at risk will reflect on these changes with an open mind or risk getting audited and made look like thieves


Libs lay ideological punishment on environment groups

30 Jun 2014 | Christine Milne
Environment & Biodiversity
Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Liberal Party's push to remove the charitable status of environment groups amounts to an attack on democracy.

"This is an extension of the Abbott government's ideological attack on the environment," said Senator Milne.

"Tax deductibility should apply to all groups that benefit the community and it's not fair for the Liberals to blacklist environmental groups just because they don't like what they stand for.

"Environment groups have played a vital role in protecting Australia's precious places. The community wants to support them and they should be eligible for tax deductibility.

"The hard-right Institute of Public Affairs that's setting the Abbott government's agenda receives tax-deductible donations. Groups with thousands of members who are acting in the community and national interest to protect to the environment that sustains life should be eligible too.

"This is part of the Abbott government's total assault on the environment, which sees them handing environmental approvals back to the states, defunding Environmental Defender's Offices, trying to open World Heritage forests to logging, introducing mandatory prison terms for environmental protest and approving coal ports and mines.

"It's not surprising, but it is disgraceful that the Liberal party in Australia wants to take away tax the tax deductibility of environmental groups, punish and persecute them, and destroy the environment as quickly as possible," Senator Milne said.
Taken From: ... ent-groups

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