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Christine Milne steps down from the Greens Party Leadership

Environment and sustainability in Tasmania

Moderator: Philski

by Philski » Wed May 06, 2015 2:50 pm

Christine Mine has stepped down as the Greens Party leadership.

While i dont agree with some of the environmental activism. paid protesters, imported ferals etc. I do respect her timing and decision to leave. And wish her well in her new life.

Milne "The real legacy is being able to enable the people that you are leading as a team"
Her departure speech was all happy and smiley and the odd confused glance on big questions.. However the gathering journalists spend quite some time probing and watching it was fun. i will miss it...

The outgoing leader and party i presume, Have promoted Melbourne born and bred, Dr Richard Di Natale over some of the parties more popular candidates. And offered up co-leadership for the deputy position. So the Greens have lots of chiefs up the top. That's how they are making the party more modern and changing focus to main stream progressive climate change, social justice etc. gay, refugee, short people and all the important environmental aspects.
Mr Di Natale if you have never heard of him is the green that protested over the lords prayer being used in parliament.
http://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2014/01 ... ament.html

He does not have to say it in parliament any more. multi religion or personal atheism at work, over all others and parliamentary traditions are in the bin. So bound to want even more change from the norm.

He also seems like a quite focused individual and stated his family's Labor links so nothing has really changed and i still wont ever vote green again. Nore will my children or anyone i can dissuade.
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