CSG Fracking in Australia. The consequences

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CSG Fracking in Australia. The consequences

Postby Philski » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:55 pm

Hi all

This is a video taken last month in QLD in the middle of the Chinchilla coal seam gas fracking area. Its in the Northern end of the Darling downs, the food basket of SE QLD.

I dont know how many times people have said, stop it its bad and some government or company spokesperson jumps on the soapbox saying, its all good. nothing to see, move on. Or we will arrest you.

The area of concern is directly over the great artesian bore in QLD / NSW that holds more fresh water than the entire surface of this sunburned continent does.

Im sure this weeks knowledgable government spokesperson or oil worker would be only too happy to say its natural. and not frackings fault. All the tremors are not related, the water quality is better than its ever been. and a handful of companies are making an absolute killing from it. Quite literally.

Why is it important? Some people want to frack Tasmania. And they will never stop saying its good, clean, renewable and all sorts of bullshit like it will create 15 jobs in the construction phase. They will say 150 or 1500 why not go full monty and say 150000 jobs. to get it passed.

This has nothing to do the the obscene amount of water used or contaminated or energy used to extract it or the sands to hold it all up. Nore the tremors as the Crust of the earth is broken up and sat on sand, like a rollerskate. Its about protecting what is left for every generation to come, not just this one.

A common rebuttal. The industry has been around since the 1960s."50 Years" they say.. Absolutely. Thats not an argument, its a fact. Lets look at those areas and see how much they have flourished. And exactly how stable the earth there is today.

Source US Coast Guard Center for seismic studies

Todays event, was 5.1
not so minor anymore huh.. Human Induced Seismicity

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Re: CSG Fracking in Australia. The consequences

Postby warrenaw » Tue Sep 27, 2016 5:53 pm

As an ex oilfield employee, in 14 countries, I can't resist saying that Philski is absolutely right. What burns me up also is that the chemicals which are used to prop up the formations to force sands and microscopic beads into the fractures to keep them open and let the gas escape are a secret proprietary mix, and they remain secret. Combinations of 40 or 50 chemical, many truly evil, which go into the ground and eventually can 'leech' out into whatever is around. The holes drilled for fracking have steel 'casing' run down the middle , which will let the gas out. These are cemented into place by pumping cement at very high pressure down the pipe, and waiting for it to return to surface on the outer bore between the pipe and the rock or whatever formation is surrounding the pipe. This cementing job can be imperfect leaving open channels, allowing the gas and the horrible secret recipe fracking fluids to move to different formations above the gas holding formation.
In some arid deserts where there is no subterranean water, its hardly an issue, but not where farming and people's livelihoods go on for future generations. Gas (and oil) will eventually deplete within one or two generations, and if they have soured the land, the effect can be nearly permanent.

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