New conditions of Prospecting Licences

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New conditions of Prospecting Licences

Postby PMAT » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:25 pm

Hi everyone,

We've been made aware that the Prospecting Licence conditions have recently been updated. You can find the current conditions here: ... 932c487396

It's worth noting that Condition # 6 now explicitly allows the use of river sluices under 1 m long. However it continues to ban any mechanised machinery, so highbankers are officially not allowed. The exact wording is: "Mechanised machinery, dredges, sluices, high-bankers, trommels and motorised pumps are not permitted, excepting for hand held and un-motorised sluices and related items that are less than 1m in length and can be easily carried in the field by an average person. If in doubt please check with MRT prior to their use."

Some other issues that PMAT has officially asked MRT to change include being able to access Nature Recreation Areas where commercial mining is otherwise permitted, and the pointless rule about the use of fires. We haven't had action on either of these yet, but we'll keep trying. Other issues concerning access to areas under EL, use of metal detectors within reserves that allow prospecting and the cost of a prospecting licence are written into law and may also take longer to get accepted.

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Re: New conditions of Prospecting Licences

Postby MANINABOAT » Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:36 am

Thanks for the effort and the content of your post. "New conditions of Prospecting licences"
Regards from "maninaboat"

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