Recent Targeted Weld River Rant.

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Re: Recent Targeted Weld River Rant.

Postby blisters » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:44 am

Hi to all. Its always gemming season for some of us if are dressed for the occasion with the proper attire the rewards are there to be had. I was out and about the other day on one of my missions and ran into a couple of other prospectors in the field and one of the guys said that he was parked at the ringarooma river bridge at moorina when he was approached and verbally abbused by an apparent land owner/ holder? , for a considerable amount of time. The land owner reconed that it was his land all the way to the road! :roll: and yes it was that same block of land that we have been dealing with with the same people. I told him to report the matter to the police. Anyone who has a run on with these people should do the same and report the matter as well. Sooner or later they might pull there heads in! Im also wondering if that was medical cannabis you reefered to pmat! ;) cheers to all.

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