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Re: the pieman

Post by Razorback » Wed May 15, 2013 6:46 pm

WheresWally wrote:
As nice as it would be to jump out of your car in the k'mart car park and trip over a nugget its just not ever going to happen, much like prospecting just off the road on the whyte and savage rivers, everyone has done that, but head 23klms up a river, set up camp, spend a day hiking through some of the densest bushland you have ever seen and you get to places that you know very few have ever been and those that have, didn't come packing the technology we have today. Just my take on things of course.
Well you summed up my Tassie prospecting experience so far. Dense bush and nothing left for the feint hearted, but I agree, plenty left for the brave and curious. Even the old timers got turned back by the Tassie bush now and then, fortune favours the brave Id say.

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Re: the pieman

Post by acfish » Thu May 30, 2013 4:00 pm

thanks to WheresWally and phil for some helpful info. Much appreciated!
Looking at planning a trip when the days are longer and warmer,
the idea of boating upstream from corinna is very appealing.

The long plains/ golden ridge area looks pretty interesting spot to try and swing a detector, but having trouble pinpointing its exact location on the map. And if it is under any leases.
Any help? ... 994_28.pdf


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Re: the pieman

Post by admin » Fri May 31, 2013 8:39 pm

hi all

if you want a good little inside tip... Gutries creek on the main road towards the north out of Corinna has a parking lot and in under 5 min without even getting your boots wet you can be under a beautiful waterfall finding good gold (fines to course). The gold is under the waterfall. The gravels have been washed down by hydraulics 100 odd years ago and above the water fall is nearly barren and billiard table clean. They did go hard in the old days!
I was going to plunder it myself but hey,, sharing is caring.
photo taken from ... t=Tasmania

Turn off towards the savage river bridge, cross it and and just before the Bitumen and steep up hill. Gutries Creek "the good bit" is up stream and follows the right branch. The water fall is a few meters distant. The gravels washed up by the waterfall are the richest. The Creek diverges to the left towards None Such Creek and the right is Gutries proper up towards Sabbath Creek. The gravels carry gold from top to bottom.

hope that helps

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Re: the pieman

Post by acfish » Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:39 pm

Thanks for the tips,
much appreciated. another one to mark on the map.
The beginning of winter has got me thinking too much,
Will have to head west for a recon trip soon.

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