golconda day trip.

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golconda day trip.

Post by cybran » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:44 pm

Would anyone be interested in going to Tabasco creek tomorrow with me for a day trip. Keen to try my new little toy but it's really boring on my own. Philistine if your keen your more than welcome to join me aswell as anyone else. I have had good luck there just with a 10" pan and garden spade but now I'm also more into it I'd love some company. Please pm me of call me on 0439806340.

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Re: golconda day trip.

Post by Philski » Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:26 pm

HI i would love to,, but my wife is due to have our 6th baby any day from now on. its Action stations here.

She called me at work to see if i could go to an ultrasound with her and i jokingly said
"ow, cmon love, do i have to do everything?: and the phone went very quiet..

i told here i was joking,, but she's not been quite the same since. :lol: i guess its a pregnancy thing...

We have to catch up some time though, i love prospecting and go every time and every place i can. I went to Golconda for the first time last year and found a really nice geo's pick. but that was about it. That was up behind the Golconda road. The valley behind the first hill. Panama from memory. That's about the only area there i have tried in the entire NE. So always keen for more.

Anyway, have a great day tomorrow.

Kindest Regards

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