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Re: Gday members

Post by kaner » Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:21 am

Hello all

foxs experiences with the 5k in tassie have been very similar to mine.
I was very interested to read about the garret as I have been thinking about getting one,
just got to sort the wheat rom the chaff.
fox I think I met you at the white river ford 12 months or so ago if im not mistaken you have
a defender, I have the 130 I would be greatful if you could let us know if the track down to the white
will be passable after this winter as the wash out on on the left hand turn heading down is making the track awefully narrow most four wheel drives would have considerable trouble now as the wash outs further down the track have pulled a few up as I can testify
having pulled a couple of cow boys out last season.
hey Phill thanks for the heads up.

cheers kane

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Re: Gday members

Post by Fox » Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:27 pm

G'day Kane and everyone,
Yes, that was me that you met at the Whyte River ford in the Defender. I remember stopping for a friendly chat and discussing gold prospecting at the Rocky & elsewhere, and the merits of Landy Defenders. It was at your suggestion that I got onto this wonderful & informative forum, so thanks for that, mate.
I last visited the Rocky in January this year and found that the track down to the Whyte has deteriorated considerably to the extent that I would advise people against driving down there without another vehicle equipped with a winch and recovery gear following behind. The upper part of the track down to the washed out bend is the worst part with quite deep channels eroded into the road surface, running parallel to and sometimes crossing the track.
The washout in question is now about 3 metres deep and about 4 metres wide, has eaten into the inside of an already very tight bend and will most likely only get worse if there is a big rain event this winter sufficient to overwhelm the existing concrete culvert.
Beyond the washout, apart from being very narrow and slippery with precipitous dropoffs on one side, the track isn't too bad. The descent down the bank at the White R ford has become chopped up and slippery, last time I was there driving back up in the Landy with difflock engaged required several attempts. Heading back up the track, immediately past the washout, difflock engaged, despite my best efforts to straddle a deep parallel erosion rut, my right hand rear wheel slid sideways into it and front left spinning two feet in the air. Painfully conscious of the yawning chasm behind ready to swallow my vehicle whole, I reversed back perilously close to its edge and picked a slightly different line up and past the rut. Needless to say, I was relieved to get out of there. The Landy sustained minor non life threatening injuries such as a creased rear mudguard and a bent tie down rail under the tray.
It's only about fifteen minutes walk down to the washout from Brown's Plain so I would recommend going down to have a look before committing oneself. Driving forwards up the track is bad enough but I wouldn't like to have to reverse up it!
In general the track is very narrow with few opportunities to pass another vehicle or turn around.
Painted a pretty glowing picture of it all, haven't I? but I think that Kane will attest to the fact that I haven't exaggerated
about the track's condition.
Perhaps a few of us could get together and organize a working bee down there this summer to make the track a bit safer, dig a drainage channel here and there & maybe call upon Philski's dry walling skills to shore up the edge of the washout. I'm no spring chicken but I can still haul a few large rocks around and shift a couple of square metres of mullock in fairly short time.
Then after maybe half a day's work we could head to the Rocky, pool our resources and Knowledge and do a bit of serious prospecting. I'm sure that McGinty's 243oz and Griffin's 143oz nugget's have a few siblings out there waiting to be liberated from their dark damp prisons to take pride of place in " The Pool Room ". :lol:
For anyone wishing to walk there, going at fairly brisk pace will get you from Brown's Plains to the Whyte ford in 1.5 hrs, then if the Whyte's safe to cross [no more than knee deep], it's a further half hour either to the Whyte/ Rocky junction or
McGinty's bend via the old water race [ I've done it a couple of years ago ].
Kind regards, Fox

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Re: Gday members

Post by Burbury » Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:25 pm

Hi Fox , not sure I would have the energy to walk in ? gets harder as we get older however I am certainly up for giving a hand
I have a few ideas for access I would like to disscuss with all forum members however . firstly I congratuate you on the smart thinking of trying the ATX where you had problems with the 5000, I had no idea of the false signals etc must be nice to have a choice of two of the best detectors around. glad to hear somebody is getting some Tassie nuggs. they say prospecting is 90pc RESEARCH and 10pc in the field ! and with winter coming on I will be on the MRT website regularly . back to the West and I
have to say it's my favourite haunt and I get there a few times each year.
Perhaps we --" forum members ' could get our heads tgether and arrange a field trip over there next summer for a meet and prospect . I have a caravan on a lake near Queenstown to throw in the mix for accommodation - can sleep 4-5 in comfort and plenty of room for tents . also have a boat for access into different areas of interest ! always liked the idea of putting in at Corrina
and heading up the Savage- Donaldson- White etc . what do you all think ?? I have a vlf detector and a sluice as well so the world '" or at least Tassie " is our oyster ! would be great to get a few of us organised and have crack at it , just need to get it happening , we could cover some serious ground with a few of us and a few days or a week or more . Same for NE for gems .
anyhow keep the posts coming ! its great to read what everyone is doing. keeps the fire burning eh.
Cheers Burbury.

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Re: Gday members

Post by Philski » Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:25 pm

HI all

The rutty bits up the top and the bad bit in the middle and the boggy bit at the end fixed up. Would make it a lot safer.
If you got just a little bit sideways in the wet and went over the edge it would be all over red rover. I cant stress that enough. There is gold there and its very heavily mineralised. But, If your not an experienced 4x4 person with decent muddies. Dont even bother. walk in. Or check out browns plains. There is gold there, "apparently"

not trying to put people off,.(okay just mayby a little bit :roll: ) Historically, Just about every single mining company and syndicate in that entire area went broke.

There is also good base B gravel up top to use and that bad corner would need cutting into the corner and extending the pipe so it didnt just wash away. I have a bit of pipe that diameter that would put 2-3 feet on it. Its too shear on the down slope to fill. I totally agree on the condition and in winter man. Ive tried towards the corinna end of browns plains and it drops into the headwater of the Rocky. its steeper than going down from the tail race into the rocky river itself. Ive tried to get down with rope and leave it as a marker and assist. But, did not have enough rope. And, i dont think i would be physically strong enough to carry whats needed. There is also a road that head towards post office creek Or the top end of the tunnel. May be another way down.

My only hesitation is its already under tenement EL36/2003 and Savage river Mine have a lot of ore left to dig in that direction as well. It strikes right down the Whyte River on the savage river side the iron ore. They could start a drilling program in late spring and do the road up for us anyway. Or gate it... MRTs map view is on the blink tonight but from memory Barrick or similar sized company have exploration rights with Bass metals and they are in a bit of poo financially by the look of it. So it may never get done by them. Just checked and their shares are still in trading halt.

To do it. Im happy to shovel all day long. But, permissions need to be found first. Perhaps put the road in with an historical twist and go for tourism funding... :) devil and wombat scat sanctuary or something!
Its a beautiful little spot down on the river And, worth preserving. And, their is a lot of history and mystique associated with the Rocky river

Interestingly. Right next to the exploration tenement is a new ERA we are allowed on for the next month or so. It covers Timbs Creek on the other side of the ridge and you would have to walk over the Whyte River terrace workings and use the rocky river track to access it on the South side. That is also the supposed location McGinty found his nugget. I know everyone thinks its that bend a km or so upstream. but that area, is very little worked. If the Biggest nugget in the state came out of that spur it. Why, put only in a hand full of small and shallow trenches? There is a little gold there.

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