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Cheap Precious Metal Verifier

Post by Philski » Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:51 am

Hi all
Ever needed a Cheap precious metal tester Gold / Silver?

i just saw the sigmametalytics on silverstackers and it seems to the answer to the counterfeit coins and rounds flooding the numismatics and PM's marketplace. Simple to use and cheap compared to the current X Ray Spectrometer XRF machines. ($15K-$20K) second hand!

Non destructive and fast results. Would suit any coin / bullion buyer if you want to be positive its real. There are many fake 1oz gold rounds and one of them will set you back 2 of these machines. It can test right though the slab or case.
Videos of it testing bullion and numis,

available from:
Priced from US$625
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