My First ECO App! Gold Nugget finder Smart Phone app

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My First ECO App! Gold Nugget finder Smart Phone app

Post by Philski » Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:15 am

Hi all

I have started building a really cool little smartphone app to differentiate Gold on the surface using its remarkable and distinguishing colour. Its my first gold prospecting app and should be fun and Eco and hopefully rewarding to use.

Gold nuggets exist on the surface and in the right places. Like recent mass wasting events or after rain on talus or scree slopes, on the edges of rocky terraces and up gullies "in gold country". It really could be a valuable prospecting tool. Any single colour gem and mineral also also be targeted later on in broad scale, so lots of ground covered swiftly for multiple minerals. There are lots of things i could add to it. range finder etc. solar charger, satellite harness, or just keep it simple. simple is good and will be cheaper.

Below is a golf ball finder smartphone App. ive used and spotted a golf ball i would never ever have seen otherwise. Amazing stuff. Its also a great example of what the prospecting app will do for you in the field.
screen640x640 (1).jpeg
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i will keep you in touch with its progress and results.

have a great day
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