A good first gold dig?

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A good first gold dig?

Post by metalic » Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:29 am

Hi all,

Glad to find such an active Tassie forum!

I bought a metal detector several years back in the hope of finding gold, while i have found a hoard of coins and the odd bit of jewelry detecting in parks, beaches etc. I am yet to find any gold in its natural form.

If anyone can give me a hint or better yet show me a good place to pan or detect where I stand a reasonable chance of finding something that would be fantastic!

A couple years ago I tried detecting on the beach at Doctors Rocks but got no hits.

Earlier this week I tried panning at Cygnet in Nichols Rivulet, I didn't find any gold but practiced my panning technique producing some black sands.

I have 3 days off work so am hoping to try somewhere else. I am based in Hobart but don't mind travelling / going bush.

Cheers, Rohan

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Re: A good first gold dig?

Post by Philski » Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:55 am

HI Rohan

great to meet you. ive been getting most of my detectable gold in the west and north east. We are doing a fair few trips between us now so im sure many would welcome you along for a hunt. It isnt always productive, some days are dot days. But mostly get a nugget or two. A few small ones can be worth quite a bit of money so makes it worth while
Doctors rocks you need to be as far out as possible in the lowest tides. the gold thins the closer you get to shore. Ive detected a nugget there. but didnt (couldnt) retrieve it in the waves.

What i have found is the gold is close to bedrock so you either need a shallow bit of wash or wash that has been brought to the surface by the old timers. Mullock dumps, around old shafts and even on the path to the clean up area and camp.

Most of our shallow wash is 3 foot - 30 foot down. in saying that some nuggets can be found right on the surface or in cracks in exposed bedrock.

Any kind of detector will find gold if its close enough to the coil and large enough for that particular machine. The new detectors have overcome the size constraint and are getting into deeper ground and then you get productive nuggety areas getting hit pretty hard today and the gold is simply running out on the surface so it is getting harder to find for all of us.

I guess once you find one. it gets easier. And having a day with experienced people really opens up many opportunities if you get the chance and time to watch them in action.

I was in Hobart on Friday and if i had time i would have spent a day in Cygnet area myself.

One of the best resources for nuggets in Tasmania is MRT's alluvial gold in Tasmania by Ralph Bottrill. Then its doing historical research for size and depth and location to suit the machine and time you have.

have a fantastic day

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