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Help WA Petition

Post by Philski » Fri May 08, 2015 1:32 am

Hi all
another industry, another state. But Western Australia, is our premier gold producer and because the muppets that be, again,,, can't manage to keep it running otherwise without them. if its not at 110% or something. Even with Federal government assistance, Even though they have had a "swan song of a time" of it for years and royalties to BURN. They seem to have run out of money, in amazingly fast fashion.

im sure the Greeks have gone to the wall more than once throughout history at the odd forum based on the exact same dogma from the exact same sort of people, and hopefully, with the same sort of outcomes.

They have proposed to increase royalties on Gold mined in WA to supplement the Canapes and obviously financially inept bureaucrats in the state. Smash the workers, communities and support people that actually do the job and all those around them. And, laugh all the way to the bank. Falling dollar falling, gold price, and still wanting more .

please sign below.. if you dont want to great.. do your own thing ... lies-of-wa

Nat i know online and is a seriously amazing woman. fair dinkum - hard working - passionate and is so encouraging to so many gold miners and others across this country, including me. Always giving up her time to help others, And she has asked for some help! it only takes a second to help. She never asks for help normally, and always gives so much. so it is important to her, and that must mean to everyone.

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