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PMAT Today

Post by cygnet-jim » Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:55 pm

Hi all.
Just wanted to say thanks to all who attended the meeting today, PMAT is on it's way, Hooray!!
It was good to meet you people and I look forward to seeing you again in a creek somewhere soon.
Philski, maybe i'll see you next time.
Special thanks to Miguel for making it happen.
Live long and prospect

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Re: PMAT Today

Post by mfdes » Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:56 pm

Thanks to you, James, and everyone else who managed to make it.
Thanks also to everyone who volunteered to be interim committee until our first AGM.
We've taken the first steps! I've got in touch with Rita, the President of PMAV, and they're very happy for us to use "Prospectors and Miners Association of Tasmania", or PMAT.
Next step is to get the thing officially registered, which I'll do as soon as I can sit with Ron and digitise the minutes.
I'll keep everyone updated!

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Re: PMAT Today

Post by Philski » Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:22 am

HI all

Super Well done to everyone that could make it to Campbell Town today IM very proud of you all, and Thank you to our wonderful supporters over at the PMAV in Victoria. Hey Rita and all.. :) And, from across the State. Good people, with good intentions, made it happen today. Its historically important as well in this State. We haven't had an association for a very long time. What can change? In 1853 the "mining license" in Victoria was in effect. One years later it was called the miners rights. A Eureka moment. The miners and prospectors at the time, still did the exact same thing after the event. Still dug and searched around. We are not miners, as prospectors, But a definite part of it. You cant say the jaw crusher has nothing to do with the ball mill and try and look credible. It wont happen. They are different for sure. but the same. A link in a chain. Just like us.

Thank You Miguel. Your a bright light in the dark.

The miners and prospectors in 1952 where getting crushed by the colonial powers at the time. They still did the same thing after the stockade event only from then on, with more freedoms than they had, and Victoria bloomed. Yes it did. Victoria is still going strong today, even with these relaxations. We are not.. (most livable city,,, again,, a few hundred m from here~) !

Ive started on our legislation once again. MRT are trying to make us look like exploration companies here in Tasmania and could be easily interpreted as such. In 2012 some sections of the Act changed. This legislation was passed without public knowledge or consolation. ... rinted.pdf

This is one of the better attempts at explaining what the environmental direction of MRT expect of us today.
The above report offer's zero help or assistance in any remediation effort to be expected..

MRT are a Tasmanian government agency that oversees every aspect of mining, exploration and Prospecting "Fossicking" I too believe Fossickng and prospecting are 2 different things, not the same. Even if MRT state the opposite. They must be aware, they are two different things called the same by some, Its not right. Fossicking is digging about willy nilly, like noodling. having a scratch around, Prospecting is more methodical and uses different tools. Exploration is with profit in mind or the intention, and even more methodical again. And should all be seen as separate but similar things. My opinion and i don't remember ever buying a fossicking license. or needing to. So im pretty sure we are on the same page even if they do want to define us as exploration, That's Great, we have a prospecting license that opens up a world of opportunity to us, given there own definitions with a relaxed approach. because its on our license we have different aspects to then others mentioned. If however we are simply "fossicking" We can not look at historical records, or digital imagery, according to the document above. Or we will be classed upwards 2 levels to full blown exploration. Professional.

The director of mines is correct about ownership. And they can do anything they like, at any time they choose.,
Common and Crown law is really interesting reading. The crown own all minerals and Lots of other cool stuff. And, because i was licensed, (thankfully) i owe Royalties. I'm happy with that, $11.95. It cost more to post it! And was not found in the interest of profit.

Congratulations to absolutely everyone.

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Re: PMAT Today

Post by ratters » Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:16 pm

Fantastic to meet all of you who came to the meeting, and put some names to faces. It was clear that everyone who was in attendance were very passionate about prospecting, and a big thanks to Miguel for putting in so much effort to get the ball rolling! Looking forward to the next meeting.

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