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Advertising on the site

Post by Philski » Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:22 am

Hi all

i have put one single google ad on to recoup some of the hosting costs etc. Any money raised goes into hosting this site, the PMAT site and some local sporting clubs and associations, i do it for free. I think its good to give to the community and not just say it, but do it. However, it is quite expensive for me to keep doing it. So hopefully this helps. No one is encouraged to click the ads. And the ad is not splattered in your face like some of the bullshit sites you see on the internet. So hopefully everyone is cool with it? if anyone has a sporting club that would benefit from an online presence pm me for details and examples of what has been done so far.

anyway, if anyone has any issues or suggestions with the ads, let me know.

have a great day

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