Auction of Jack Smiths Tasmanian convict relics Copping Museum

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Auction of Jack Smiths Tasmanian convict relics Copping Museum

Postby Philski » Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:56 am

image source :Hobart Mercury

Hi all

There is an Auction this Saturday at Gowans in Hobart with quite a substantial amount of Tasmanian convict relics and associated paraphernalia to go under the hammer. One of the key items is an iron convict mantrap that is valued at $10000

Link to story:

Its important to me because, it was my Grandfather Jack Smith (thats him, on the right) that found the mantrap they are auctioning this week with a metal detector. And, its the end of the business he created and my families involvement in Copping. I was with him as a child when he found a mantrap in the early 70's And, know exactly where it was found. so thats cool. Just me and him used to go detecting all over from Port Arthur up to the Thumbs and occasionally another older gentleman would join us, with his ex-army detector, but he would be long gone now. We found several complete ball and chains and a convict hospital bed and lots of stuff in what must have been one of the many sites of the penal settlement dotted on the peninsular. Was a fun place to grow up in a convict museum and a mildly eccentric grandfather, in a beautiful part of the world. Jack detected countless miles of the peninsular and above it. With some outstanding results to show for his efforts over time i guess. He was a Blacksmith with the Hydro and well known Mechanically minded type and Sculpted in metal and all sorts of media and made some extraordinary things. He was one of Tasmania's first living artists, when that was introduced in 1980 or so. Built his own airplane in the 1930's and promptly crashed it. I dont know if you can see it in the picture but he had his belt so tight, He had a terrible hernia and used to be in such agony after a days detecting, but never once complained. They simply don't make people like that anymore.

There would no doubt be more convict and colonial relics or parts of them located there and with today's detectors much easier to swing and locate things even deeper than back then. Could be worth another go over it when im down that way one day im sure. Im also going to try and buy anything from the Gowans Auction that gets passed in as a keepsake and reminder of my family. And, its the only opportunity i will ever have again.

History is cool.

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Re: Auction of Jack Smiths Tasmanian convict relics Copping Museum

Postby Albertross » Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:28 am

Great read,thanks for sharing. Hope u picked up a few things that u wanted. And yes ,history is cool!!

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Re: Auction of Jack Smiths Tasmanian convict relics Copping Museum

Postby whitehunter » Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:55 am

Any luck Philski ? Looks like there would have been some fascinating items there but maybe also required a very fat wallet !

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