Tasmanian World Heritage Area daft oops (draft) management plan update

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Tasmanian World Heritage Area daft oops (draft) management plan update

Postby Philski » Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:03 pm

Hi all

i had this updated regarding the Tasmanian WHA draft plan recommendations sent to me a couple of days ago. Its only taken 2 years to get this far..

Review of the ‘DRAFT Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Management Plan 2014 Director’s report and representations

Its taken a while to read though and digest it all. Apparently being a city based conservationist from the Mainland or capitalistic tourism operator carries more weight, than actually being a Tasmanian prospector. But, that was never going to be any different or ever going to change with the professional swivel chair mob in Hobart. ie our obviously left wing leaning anti mining bureaucrats.

In short, there will be no new mining related exploration or activity ever again in the area. including the newly annexed areas of the state. Even though these areas where opened up by mining related activity and carry significant historical and cultural values.

Existing lease holders will continue as normal, but once they relinquish there licences, those areas will vanish.

Its important to note we can jet ski in the area as rapidly as we like and Fly over it in any form of aviation transport we like apart for the yet to be determined "wilderness zone".

The Commission considered that there was adequate information available and decided at its
meeting of 6 June 2016 to not hold a hearing. The Minister, the Director and all representors have been given written notice of this decision.

I most certainly as a representor of this plan, was not given notice. That was an opportunity lost or taken away by them for what ever reason. regardless, the Tasmanian planing commision needs to be factual in there reporting. To everyone.

PDF of the planing commision directors recomendations below

PDF Prepared and published
Tasmanian Planning Commission
GPO Box 1691
Hobart Tasmania 7001
email address: enquiry@planning.tas.gov.au
internet address
: http://www.planning.tas.gov.au

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Re: Tasmanian World Heritage Area daft oops (draft) management plan update

Postby Philski » Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:31 pm

And then there is the forests.

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz "The UN is dictating land be preserved for conservation that 'Tasmanians don't want to be locked up."

In March the Tasmanian government abandoned plans to log selectively heritage areas after the United Nations World Heritage Committee objected.

Internet source : http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stor ... ujMkn.dpuf

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-20/u ... ns/7261350

While there have been concessions to international logging groups in the past. Our state forests are multi use or supposed to be. Tasmanian foresters have been left out of the picture, Our forests are gone, our seas are gone, our air/wind is gone, our water gone and our farms are blissfully being sold to any international consortium that want a slice of our unique state. Ahead of any Tasmanian interests. And our major mines are owned by..... you don't own the rain, you don't own anything! apparently. How things have changed in such a short space of time, and who exactly said it was okay for some bureaucratic in europe or elsewhere to control my a huge proportion of my state? Do i go camping on bob browns paddocks? I want to see trees planted on that open space bob. Perhaps like Christine Milne and plant feral plants. Give you something out of control to bitch about later on.

And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger..

The rest of it,, get this,,, 52% (FIFTY TWO PERCENT) of this State, THEY WIN,,,! is now under our illustrious National Parks administration. Perhaps the last 48% of the state would like to simply capitulate and get it over and done with. Get a free eco fleece cardigan with a parks patch or some such incentive to get the ball rolling. Lets all get on the Big Red Boat and see how much forest the mainland has left as we sip desalinated water and marvel at how brown the sun is and gritty the air. While asking some 14 year old extremist in sign language for directions to the nearest charcoal chicken.

And they want to save us,,, ffs....

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