Planning Regs, and other Red tape

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Planning Regs, and other Red tape

Postby cygnet-jim » Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:52 am

Hello Taswegian prospectors, I wish to raise the topic of the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, which is a UN, Planning for Sustainable Development blueprint. It seems this is a (non) Compulsory Agreement which all UN members have signed up to which ultimately seeks to remove all humans from the environment, outside of densely overpopulated Human Habitation Areas, and prohibits them from making a scratch upon Mother Earth. This is all in the name of Sustainability and Climate change (the climate has constantly changed since the beginning of the climate). The same blueprint is available for anywhere in the world be it a mega city of 24 million with traffic gridlock and dense pollution, to here in Tasmania where around 45% of the land is National park, Reserve or World Heritage Area.
If private property, paved roads, cars, irrigation, education and the family unit are considered Unsustainable in this scheme, what hope is there for those who like to mess about waist deep in a river looking for treasure?
This planning scheme along with building codes and other red tape spells the end for life as we know it in Tasmania.
If you wish to have a say in this matter, contact your local MP or Senator directly. Otherwise check out my Facebook page @ Freedom Fighters Tasmania for some more info, videos, links and a petition to ban Agenda 21. Or don't, it's your future. I welcome any feedback.

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