Introductions and new to Hobart

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Introductions and new to Hobart

Postby jimmynails » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:02 pm

Hi everyone,

I've just returned back home to Tassie (now based around Hobart) after spending a couple of years up north around Darwin. So, just thought I would introduce myself and say hi to everyone :D

Whilst away up north, I discovered metal detecting as well as prospecting and have had a reasonable amount of success with locating current decimals. I'm also swinging an AT Pro and an SDC 2300 (sadly, not much success on the gold front).

Really hoping to learn a thing or two about prospecting river systems here in Tassie, as well as chasing after some pre-dec coins (only finding a couple of those up north). I would also really like to learn more about prospecting around Cygnet way, before venturing out to the West Coast. I've read through nearly every forum and posts that I can find on both areas, so any additional info would be great.
Even better, would love to go out and meet a few locals and make a few connections. It's always nice to have a few mates who share a similar passion ;)

Hoping you all have a safe and relaxing New Years.

Kind regards,


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