Where on earth do I go in Gladstone?!

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Where on earth do I go in Gladstone?!

Postby pdantix » Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:32 am

Hi guys, I'm really itching to get my hands on some of that Mt. Cameron smoky and amethyst I keep hearing about, but I haven't the faintest where to actually go down there.

After studying the mrt mineral occurrences map I went for my first drive down there and found myself somehow on the wrong side of a road closed boom gate near some radio towers, drove back out and found what I think was the entrance to Ah Kaw Creek? This was before the floods earlier last year, so it was fairly dry. We drove along a creeky bit for a little while and stopped in a random spot for a poke about and a bit of a sieve and found nothing. The only other time I've been down since then I found what I think was the Fly By Night mine, and at the Ah Kaw part the water was too high to even pull off of Waterhouse road...

How do I find the old mines??
Where exactly should I be trying to go?

I realise we can be a secretive bunch but Gladstone has had me curious for so long and I'm obviously missing something :| :(

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Re: Where on earth do I go in Gladstone?!

Postby mfdes » Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:57 am

Hi prantix,
Sounds to me like you were in the right area. The main collecting areas are the forkings piles on the sides of the creeks. Look for piles of even-sized stones, and check them out for smokies. When they're very waterworn they can hardly stand out from normal white quartz. I've found some nice chunks in there, smoky, citrine and clear quartz.
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