help our fellow Vic prospectors

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help our fellow Vic prospectors

Postby drystone » Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:53 pm

Hi all,
unless some action is taken, it looks like the noose looks will be tightened on our Victorian counterparts, with a review and likely recommendation for crown land and state forest to be converted to national parks and the like, effectively shutting out 90% of current users including prospectors/metal detectorists.
It's important that we have voice our concern and make clear that these areas are enjoyed by a wide range of people for 4WDing, camping, mountainbiking, trailbiking, and prospecting. :o
articles here: ... p?id=22706
and here: ... lds-plans/

please sign the petition (see link) and help our mates in the "Golden Triangle" ... orian-bush?


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Re: help our fellow Vic prospectors

Postby warrenaw » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:58 pm

Please forward Drystone's link to all your friends in your address book. This is really serious. It's certainly not the attitude of the Vic govt people I've run across in the forests or even the parks in Vic., who were very keen to help and even point people with a metal detector to areas where they think you may do good.
To have that accessibility removed would be bordering on criminal. Its only a short ride on the red and white boat with your vehicle to be able to go to some of the most famous goldfields in the world. Even many Yanks know about Victoria's gold history. Cant have that effectively lost for good.

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