SDC: what are your settings and why?

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SDC: what are your settings and why?

Postby drystone » Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:57 pm

Hi all,
this one is for the SDC crowd: although a simple "switch on and go" machine, there is still a modest range of fine tuning that can be done.
I am still a novice on the machine, but learning more each time out and from reading other forums.
I guess my questions are:
1): headphones or not (I prefer headphones, but hate the cord)
2): what setting? (I usually run on 3, 4+ is a bit chattery most times, however some users prefer 1 or 2)
3): when/if do you ground balance? with the excellence auto tracking, my green button doesn't get used much, but perhaps that should change?
4): EMI and noise cancelling (I usually do it several times before starting off to help settle the machine)
5): threshold: do people have a particular setting, just audible, silent?

Hoping Santa might cough up for a set of wireless headphones and adapter lead but might have to find more yellow to justify it first... :oops:
Of course there is the usual niggles of batteries being loose (electrical tape or thick bandaid around each battery helps) and the coil "knuckle" which can get trashed over time, but it's compact, waterproof, ignores most hot rocks yet is super sensitive, so it really is the machine for Tassie conditions.
over to you!

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Re: SDC: what are your settings and why?

Postby penguin » Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:19 pm

Hi there drystone .
I run mine flat out.
.head phones a must
.threshold on highest setting
.sensitivity as high as it goes
.noise cancel when it gets to chattery, location and time of day will make a difference to noise

This is what I do , it works sometimes.

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Re: SDC: what are your settings and why?

Postby warrenaw » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:16 pm

I more or less use the same settings as penguin.
Must make the comment that the headphone connector, while waterproof is a bit fragile where the cord comes out of the plug. It is a great idea to get one of those canvas covers for the body of the thing. Having the cord under that to protect the connection from much of the strain for the inevitable times when it catches up with trees and twigs and so forth.
Another point is that when not using the headphones.. when the wind isn't blowing and there are no people talking around you and there's no water noise from the sea or creeks/rivers, to make sure the rubber cap is over the headphone receptacle to protect it from when you trip or slip and drop the darned thing into the water. Headphone is replaceable easily. Ruined or corroded receptacle and the SDC has to go back to Minelab for repair.
Another comment: My SDC has about 2/3 of the speaker level of Seanr0's . You would think Minelab would make the things with the same volume. Wish mine was louder. Have to use the headphones most of the time.
Cheers, Guys.

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