Wireless for the SDC2300 for less than the cost of the headphone plug

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Wireless for the SDC2300 for less than the cost of the headphone plug

Postby warrenaw » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:15 pm

I have been experimenting to devise a cheap alternative to have wireless audio for the SDC2300.
A microphone in front of the speaker does the trick quite well.

This is what I have come up with. You will also definitely need the 'Double D' case protector to hold the transmitter assembly.
First you need to get from Ebay a 'Portable Voice Amplifier Speaker' ($18 at time of purchase, posted) and a 'Stage Remote Wireless Microphone' ($8.34 at time of purchase, posted) , such as are in the photographs. Also about a 3 inch square of thin foam packing which is used as a backing between the microphone and the Double D speaker baffle. This is to reduce audio feedback and external sounds getting into the transmitted signal.

What is needed from Ebay.

Transmitter mounted on SDC2300. Microphone is behind speaker baffle

The receiver needs the 6.5mm mono plug unsoldered and replaced with about a foot or so of cable connecting shield to the body and audio to the tip of a 3.5mm plug. Leave the ring unconnected. It was used in the original speaker amplifier as power for the electret microphone with which it is supplied. The receiver plugs into the microphone input of the speaker amplifier and you are done.
In use, leave the mic level on the transmitter low-ish, and the level on the receiver higher. This helps prevents audio feedback and distortion.
There's three batteries. Amplifier uses an internal li-polymer battery, charged by a micro USB connector. transmitter uses a standard 9v battery and the receiver uses a 1.5v AA. Clearly alkaline is the way to go for these last two.

Speaker amp clips to clothing. Receiver is in pocket.

It works quite well. There is no latency effect at all, since this is using a straight transmitter and receiver rather than bluetooth.

Note that the transmitter/receiver can be purchased with red or green LED's . This indicates which frequency they are using, so I assume if someone in the same area has red LED's, for example and you have a green LED indicators, then they won't interfere with each other.

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