Miners rights under threat Victoria

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Miners rights under threat Victoria

Post by kaner » Mon Jun 09, 2014 8:16 pm

Just thought i should let Tassie prospectors know Victorian miners rights are under threat, and your support would be appreciated please go to this site and sign the petition http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/r ... n-victoria#

2014 Update on Prospecting in Parks.
The Liberal/National Coalition Government has decided to support the recommendations of the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council in regards to Prospecting in Parks. This means that they plan to allow us into three additional parks, the Alpine National Park, the Eildon National Park and the Lerderderg State Park. BUT! There are only miniscule areas within these parks where we are to be permitted. A total of 20,000 hectares of additional ground. Most of which is not in known goldfields or anywhere near waterways. Most are also accessed by difficult 4WD tracks that are closed much of the year. Unfortunately the news gets worse. Sluicing is not going to be permitted in these areas and this prohibition of sluicing is to be extended to those parks where it is permitted now. This is a very disappointing result. BUT! Nothing has changed yet. The legislation to make these changes has to pass through the Victorian Parliament. There is a long list of legislation waiting to be debated, it is unlikely the legislative amendments will make it through before the State Election in November (or earlier depending on what happens with Geoff Shaw). The PMAV is working on a detailed strategy on what members can do. In the meantime if you should come across your local MP, you could tell them you are very unhappy with this result and that it might just change your vote! We will be in touch with members as soon as possible. We have one shot at this, so we need to plan our response carefully. If you are hearing / reading this and not a PMAV member; we need you now more than ever! Rita Bentley, PMAV President .
courtesy PMAV web site http://www.pmav.org.au/

thanks for your support


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Re: Miners rights under threat Victoria

Post by Philski » Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:09 pm

Hi Kane

I called PMAV and offered to do anything i can to help. Only thing i could think of at the time as possible solutions. One was to file a legal suit with the United Nations (UNESCO) regarding our loss or even threatened loss of our culture and heritage. I do artisanal prospecting and small scale prospecting, Just like im supposed to. I enjoy it, but feel like a criminal at times in Tasmania. Even doing the right thing! But, unfortunately our laws dont always get passed or defeated because of right and wrong. They get it done because of noise. And the right sort of noise.

Another was to set up a fighting fund. Hit these NFP minority groups and steering committees. Win or lose, make it cost them. Pick a small one that has impacted us adversely and decimate it, then do it again. Entire councils get sacked. Government agency's get chopped. They do not always get things right. And, They are not immune to change. They are putting us under the microscope. Soil sample the entire executives residences of the Greens in Victoria and VEAC and see how down deep the green goes. I bet there are a few with more than dynamic lifter in the lawn. They are like ex smokers some of them. Pack of hypocrites living in smog or buying up the high ground to piss in.

Victorian Environmental Assessment Council
http://www.veac.vic.gov.au/investigatio ... s-in-parks

Its interesting to note the Chairperson of the VEAC committee that filed this report last week was Ian Voigt saying 2 years ago to the day almost after winning a community service award for facilitating conservation works.

"Mr Voigt said there were two points to doing well.
He said the first was having great staff to work with.
He said the second was involving the community in any decisions that affected them
Source:http://www.mailtimes.com.au/story/97705 ... ian-voigt/

Did he consult a single prospector you know about this Kane? or anyone that lives there? he lives near Ballarat, so i presume he means you.

http://www.veac.vic.gov.au/investigatio ... ks/reports

The recommendations also says your not allowed to touch or remove any vegetation in Victoria like ours. So weeds and other invasive species are protected in Victoria now. That's in last weeks recommendation. You have lots to get upset about. The people that word these documents and recommendations and licences, would be simply awesome at speed scrabble.

There are Thousands and thousands of angry prospectors right across the country right now that are part of dedicated and professional prospecting associations and many times that number of people that are not members of any club or association. People pay to be part of something and the learning and to an extent protection they offer. WE are united. There are more of us. We are going to win. Imagine a greeny at bendigo trying to stop people digging the creek in 1851. That rush defines many aspects of Victoria to this day. What to say there is not some other mineral that may not yet be needed or useful. Like when we run out of ore and oil and gas and coal and food. But, lets focus on the destructive earth shattering sluice box. No wonder the Mayans vanished. it was all the sluice box's fault. We are going to have an estimated 10 billion people in this planet in 30 odd years. 2050. Even if this planet get smacked into by a 100km asteroid tomorrow. There will still be rocks in the creeks. The water will still flow downhill taking those same rocks and pebbles and sand and silts with it.. And the sooner the prospectors get organised and ready to defend our rights. The more they will have to justify what they claim to know about or have egg all over there faces. That have had 160 year to ban sluice boxs and in all that time, if its so bad, why is there still dirt to shovel? Has the Tasmanian experiment worked? i don't think it has. The amount of damage i experience now is worse than before. People are obviously resentful. That's an example from experience, of what will happen in Victoria.

Another important issue is age discrimination. It used to be called respect and morals. The vast majority of our prospectors are mature people. not a pack of rat bags. well mostly.. If you can not physically bend at the knees or your backs out or your hips are gone. Shoulder wrist hand strength, etc, grow up and look at who your affecting with these changes. Bending over and Panning for gold in a cold creek is a horrible experience if it hurts and when you could be using a simple sluice and not bend over, as we do. And have done for generations in this country and thousand of years in humanities antiquity. The world still goes round the same direction. There are still rocks in rivers. and,,, there are far more pressing and urgent issues regarding the environment than the pack of wackers that proposed this. The above is from experience. The committee in Victoria has never had to endure no sluice box laws Like we enjoy in Tasmania and its super nanny pretend ubber green attitude. No wonder they are broke. They are, we are not. Ive spent near 2 decades living and working in our wilderness. The same one they are trying to promote as Tasmania's savoir. The majority of Kitchen staff in and around the Tasmanian WHA are from overseas. Go check then tell me again how good this new and improved green idea is for Tassie. And us Tasmanian's. And how it wont impact on our environment.

You should be able to enjoying your day in the bush. Even a filled hole or simple scraping with your foot or natural talus is still moving dirt and rock along on its journey to the bottom of the ocean then into a trench to be ultimately recycled by tectonics. All without mass governmental restrictions.

The other idea was turning Tasmania into the PMAV sub branch and that way we would get assistance on big issues from experienced people dealing with these things politically at the State and Federal level. And, it makes the PMAV a National Association. So they have more oomph to combat these issues head on.

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Re: Miners rights under threat Victoria

Post by Philski » Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:52 pm

VEAC (Victorian Environmental Assessment Council) is being instructed to recommend allowing of prospecting in more of Victoria's parks, reports Phil Ingamells.

Among the many strange people Alice met in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts was particularly troubling.
Her cry of 'sentence first - verdict afterwards' was capricious and frighteningly absurd.
But it matches, to a degree, the terms the Baillieu Government has set for the latest Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) inquiry.

Don't dig up our parks!
> Take action

Rather than asking VEAC to look at whether prospecting and fossicking for gold and minerals has a place in national parks at all, the government has already decided that there should be more of it.
It has simply asked VEAC to look at which additional parks it should be introduced to, offering nine (Yarra Ranges, Baw Baw, Croajingolong, Errinundra, Lake Eildon, Lind, Mitchell River and the Alpine National Park, and Lerderderg State Park) as the government's chosen contenders.
This group of parks, revealingly, matches the preferred options of the Mining and Prospectors Association in its newsletter earlier this year.
And VEAC has been asked to come up with its final 'recommendations' by April next year, making it the fastest VEAC inquiry ever.
This might be a difficult task, because the Council will have little ready information to go on.
Park management plans, for those goldfields box-ironbark parks where prospecting already takes place, called for the monitoring of the impacts of recreational fossicking. But that monitoring hasn't happened, so VEAC will be short of the evidence necessary for it to make well-informed recommendations.
VEAC and its predecessors (the Land Conservation Council and the Environmental Assessment Council) have been internationally respected as independent assessors of public land values and management in Victoria since the 1970s.
But in setting the terms of reference for this hasty investigation, the government is taking advantage of that reputation but not respecting the expertise, integrity and independence that earned it.
VEAC, the Victorian people and our parks deserve better.

More information
The VEAC website has lots if useful information including maps and park overviews.
VEAC website

This article first appeared in the VNPA magazine Park Watch, December 2012.

taken from: the veac website www.veac.vic.gov.au/
they are a goventment agency trying to override a decision in the people interest. Victoria has nothing to crow about when it comes to the environment.

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