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Re: carlton river gold tasmania

Post by Philski » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:05 pm

Hi Garrett its possible. Right up the top of the carton river towards Orford - Buckland area. There is reported gold at the thumbs north of Marion Bay. So perhaps there is some further west? The majority of the area is Parmeener sedimentary sandstones, mudstone, limestone, coal, intruded and underlain with Jurassic dolerite and some later tertiary basalt. There is no mention of gold in the carton river itself at MRT or elsewhere and the thumbs info was verbal to me years ago.

There is some underlying granite on Maria Island and a tiny fragment of the Mathinna beds. It could well explain the gold occurrence mentioned in the thumbs area. But without looking at magnetic's and gravity survey of it, i couldnt tell for sure if the granite pluton extended to the mainland of Tasmania.

guestimate only

Source: MRT geological report
Source: ... STRIP=true

East coast undersea floor
Source CSIRO ... 0301s.html
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