Free DIY Gold Snuffer Bottle sniffer sucker up tool

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Free DIY Gold Snuffer Bottle sniffer sucker up tool

Post by Philski » Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:13 am

Snuffer bottles are a great way to collect the fine gold in your pan at clean up time and also for getting free gold and sands out of cracks and crevices.

This awesome DIY Snuffer Bottle is super easy to make it and costs nothing using recycled materials. And has more suction, for longer than the expensive snuffer bottles. just about any clear plastic bottle with a lid will do.

I used a papermate Kilometrico pen as the tube and a Powerade Bottle as the container.
Time to assemble: 60 seconds.
Time under vac 10 seconds amount of water pulled in 150ml of water
Average suction rate. 15ml/s.

A staggering 10X more water and triple the flow rate, over a $7.95 store brought snuffer bottle!

normal $$$ snuffer bottle. 3 seconds vac @ 15ml = 5ml/s . prffft.

What you need.
pull it all apart
insert outer pen body into bottom of cap, big end up.
tap down on a firm surface to drive the the top off with the pen.
in like flynn
The closed up bottom end of the pen needs to be removed. cut, break it off.
screw lid back on with pen inserted. keep plenty of pen inside the bottle to help trap material.
ready to go, Squeeze the bottle in
hey presto.
Squeeze out excess water and your good to go for the next snipe

free DIY Gold snuffer Bottle ... b=1&loop=1
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Re: Free DIY Gold Snuffer Bottle sniffer sucker up tool

Post by loverr01 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 4:43 pm

quite impressive mate! :D

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