Sluicing in Tasmania

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Re: Sluicing in Tasmania

Post by Rohan » Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:04 pm

Hello to all. It's a shame the prospecting rules are so restrictive. I have made a high banker at home which recirculates its water and catches its tailings.I still bring concentrates home to put through it. Maybe this kind of equipment could be a way of being allowed to use them in the bush something to think about. Cheers Rohan

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Re: Sluicing in Tasmania

Post by ratters » Mon Mar 25, 2013 9:10 am

If MRT, parks and wildlife, the fking greens, the police whoever I dont care, want my very small hobby sized sluice they can come and take it, I'll gladly hand it over. I'll be out in a creek somewhere, so come get it! :lol:


Re: Sluicing in Tasmania

Post by jack » Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:23 pm

I sent a email off to MRT asking about sluicing the Bass Strait,
Here is answer i got

Hi Jack

Conditions relating to Prospecting Licences state:

Only hand prospecting for material is allowed and only hand-held tools may be used. The use of mechanical machinery or any explosives is prohibited. The use of sluices and trommels and motorised pumps is not permitted. The licence will be withdrawn from any person breaching this condition. The use of suction dredges is illegal in Tasmania.

It seems unclear from the writing of this document, but the intent was to ban motorised sluices, not the small hand-held devices. The legislation was designed to restrict prospecting to hand-held equipment. But until this is re-written you may need to be a bit circumspect in their use. Otherwise there is nothing to prevent prospecting in the sea as long as it's not in a designated Park or Reserve, as long as you have a prospecting licence.

Ralph Bottrill

Senior Geologist, Mineralogist and Petrologist

Metallic Minerals & Geochemistry

Mineral Resources Tasmania

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Re: Sluicing in Tasmania

Post by cybran » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:32 pm

so what mrt are saying in this is that if i put my small highbanker in the ocean of bass strait i am aloud to use is as long an i have im prospecting license.

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Re: Sluicing in Tasmania

Post by Philski » Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:22 pm

Hi all

I would hope so Cybran. I have had similar responses from MRT about using common scene.
Doctors rocks is a great example too. It been worked continually for over 80 years by small scale prospectors just like us. With sluices and high bankers and even a dredge or two in its day. And people still find a bit of colour and have a bit of fun. In the sea under the sun. :P Apart from sunburn. what have we done to destroy the area? Blew it up? turned it upside down? taken the lot? no... 80 years.. Its cool to drive past as see someone looking for gold.. isn't it?

Interestingly the Victorian Government just allowed prospecting in 8 additional parks which is good. But, most are not in gold fields. which is bad, And, no sluice box's are allowed in them at all now, as a way of appeasing the green lobby groups. And sluices are not allowed in any other national park, as well! And, the wording has been changed from No motorized to No Mechanical.

They threw the entire Victorian Prospectors and miners association of Victoria of 50000 members at them, Plus lobbying to government and taking them on field trips and getting the states emblem changed to gold. And, all for diddly squat really. The weak as piss Victorian politicians hanging by a single vote in their own parliament took it up their Green clacker, to stay in a job. Again.

We do down here have a bit of political support from the liberals i have approached,(State and Federal) on us using a non mechanical sluice box. This weekends election could leave the liberals in opposition, for another 16 years. (Prffft to that) I know Victoria is not the state of Tasmania. And while i would love to be able to rock up and start digging at Mount Arrowsmith, as an example. I think the above will have ramifications to our own policy. Not that Victoria has any natural bush left. the green voters that live in the city of Melbourne control the decisions, that affect the places, they dont visit.

Our federal policy and new recommendation allow a sluice box. But the decision is up the the individual state and they bump it to the agency. MRT in this case.

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Re: Sluicing in Tasmania

Post by lengold » Wed Apr 27, 2016 9:48 am

Gee didn't realise that, no sluicing, that's unreal, I thought QLD was bad enough with not letting us use high bankers, i.e pumps to feed the water to the banker, we can use a river sluice and I can use my banjo, I would like to know what is the latest with this issue.

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Re: Sluicing in Tasmania

Post by mfdes » Wed May 04, 2016 4:26 pm

Hi Lengold,
The reply changes depending on who you ask. As far as I'm concerned, any method that excavates material using only hand tools is consistent with prospecting as defined in the Mineral Resources Development Act.

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