Reading a stream, Flotsam as a key. Luke O'Brien

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Reading a stream, Flotsam as a key. Luke O'Brien

Postby Philski » Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:09 am

Hi all

Our evolving active planet and not only study. But, active exploration and understanding has led me to reading a stream for gold on top. Its called flotsam. The scum that floats to the top, Sometimes its collected in areas by overhanging obstructions and branches and are discredited by observation. It is important stream system reading.

Everyone knows about obstructions, Big boulder, Drop offs, inside bends, well set Logs, pot holes, Ledges,' Waterfalls and lots of other obstructions in the stream system, built to catch gold and all the other heavies. Naturally. Natural riffles.

I got permission from one of Tasmania's most outstanding natural photographers Luke O'Brien to use his work last week, to explain this phenomenon. Its the best photo of it, ive ever seen..

His Aurora series is ground breaking in its imagery and timing and professionalism. And, will help promote my State and what we have to the world, in a very outstanding way. Thank you Luke.. Legend.. His Styx photography is awesome too.

image internet source
used with permission.

If you read this image,, its an outside bend, the log exasperated it. However, just looking at it, i know its a deep hole.

Viva Tasmania.

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