Homemade DIY Underwater Gold Viewer Scope

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Homemade DIY Underwater Gold Viewer Scope

Post by Philski » Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:49 pm

Hi all
i made this underwater gold viewer scope about 12 months ago for a bit under AU$10 and it still performs beautifully. its amazing to watch whats happening underwater magnified with it. Ive seen gold and heavies in one spot on a bed. The run.
The body is made of 100mm pvc pipe. I just like the idea of magnification but not so much you need to be an inch away to see it. The magnification (2x) isnt too high you have to look all over the place one inch at a time And it really helps improve getting an optic on your target. Improves finding concentrations of black sands and gold in stream, alluvial gold. getting an eyeball on it.

The magnifying glass is a really expensive $2.95 magnifying glass from the local IGA supermarket. It was chosen to best match the pipe i could get at the local hardware store. It was glued in with some 2 part epoxy, araldite etc. The handle of the magnifying glass was sawn off and ground round with a bench grinder. Then sand paper finished. it only needs to go in the hole snuggly. the glue will take care of the seal. Coat both the rim of the glass and inside of the pipe to glue.

I recently splashed out a few more dollars and added a brand new end cap. it now doubles as dry storage. 99.99% waterproof and protects the glass when not in use.

This is easily one of the most robust prospecting tools i own and ive made and most versatile. Something to store your mobile phone, wet weather gear, camera, food etc. or take 7.85 liters of water in it with you.
Its length 1 meter is about as long as you can hold underwater easily without bending right over and having your nose in the water like some of the dicky little underwater viewers you get for $50 or more from people that have never found gold with one. The larger diameter pipe than normal was chosen to allows more light in. the material science isnt high tech and it isnt expensive. and you could build a neat little one with a loupe glass for example.

This one was built to perform and it does. 2 x magnification, improved light transmission, easy to build and cheap to make with multiple uses

The sling is strong, lightweight, weatherproof adjustable and high visibility trailer sash. It doubles as a proper sling and i wrap it around my wrist and elbow like a rifle, to hold the lot steady in fast water. Or over my shoulder when needed or tied to the backpack. works a treat. And works every time.

Total length: 1000mm
Diameter: 100mm
Capacity : 7.85 liters
Weight : 1.2kg
Cost $9.75
total build time: 35 min
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Re: Homemade DIY Underwater Gold Viewer Scope

Post by Burbury » Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:56 pm

Hi Phil , Great turnout at the PMAT meet, You are full of good ideas - just what i need to browse the river beds for heavies eh ! Soooo good for gemstones too.
Thanks for that one .
Cheers Burbury .

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Re: Homemade DIY Underwater Gold Viewer Scope

Post by mfdes » Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:44 pm

I've been thinking of whipping up something like this myself, thanks for sharing!
I hadn't thought of using a 2x magnifying glass, just plain glass, but your design solves two issues: getting the glass cut to shape, and seeing a bit more clearly.
My thought was to use a threaded end-cap and silicone to hold the glass in place.

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