Pocketable small snuffer bottle

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Pocketable small snuffer bottle

Postby warrenaw » Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:21 pm

Prospecting at Dr's Rocks the last few days, I forgot to get my rather large snuffer bottle out of the car, and on the day of our PMAT meeting I finally remembered, and managed to stand on the thing and wreck it.

Decided I needed something smaller. Found at Shiploads for just under $3 a set of five 'Glitter Glue Neon' in 5 x squeeze bottles in a blister pack. These are oval in cross section and fit into a pocket very nicely. One less thing to have to go and find when in the throes of joy picking up the smaller bits of the yellow stuff.
The glue squeezes out and the bottle can be rinsed very easily. I cut off most of the top of the nozzle, and rammed a bit of stiff plastic tube with the top cut diagonally a bit, down the enlarged hole,, then pushed it down as far as it would go with the screw on lid so it can seal properly. The nozzle bit is forced in the body of the bottle by design, rather than is threaded, so to make it easy to get on and off, I cut a suitable thumbnail shaped hollow at the top of the body of the bottle. Works a treat!

You should be able to keep it in your pocket without leaking. Should take at least a day to fill up with flakes! ;)
resealable pocketable snuffer bottle.jpg
resealable pocketable snuffer bottle

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