Syncline and Anticline and Faults

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Syncline and Anticline and Faults

Post by admin » Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:17 pm

Just a casual observation of our West Coast Range (Mount Read Volcanics) recently looking at Syncline and anticline erogeny as a pointer to deposits. Surprisingly, the majority of our major ore bodies are related to and can be targeted with its anticlines. Narrawa in the road cutting heading towards Cethana has one pointing towards a well known gold deposit. Mount Lyell has several. All pointing to well known volcanically hosted Sulphide and associated carbonates. The iron blow as a prime example. Henty and Que River / Hellyer all display it as well where the earth is clear to see, it is like a bow and drawn arrow points to the deposit, to paint a picture if you will.

Faulting to indicate the presence on well known and mapped deposits on the West Coast Range include Moina, Bonds Range, Black bluff and Mount Farrell. Mount Farrell is the easiest to observe with each crack in the mountain at the bottom is a sulphide deposit. Not the huge Murchison fault you can observe on the second Bridge. But the shoulder faults. Each has a silver lead mine at the bottom. I have not observed any syncline folding in any cuttings yet. but imagine it is at great depth. I still have about 40km of the Fossey to do and will try and zero in on these indicators over the coming year.

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