Drone UAV Gold Prospecting Digital Crystallography

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Drone UAV Gold Prospecting Digital Crystallography

Post by Philski » Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:52 pm


The most positive way to identify a crystal in the field is by its Crystal structure. Its unique. I guess most people know that? The angles get measured and hey presto i.d targeted. The Colour, Hardness, Flame Test, Acid Test, Streak, Specific Gravity etc. Many have been confused by Zircon and Garnet with similar colour, SG and hardness. the angles and form or each are its defining characteristic.

"A gold prospector from Yukon is using unmanned aerial drones and other technologies to survey huge stretches of land for mineral deposits, and leaving less of an environmental footprint in the process. im looking for a unique characteristic to help me find associated minerals. They are looking for changes in the geophysical characteristics to define a gold occurrence. The associates crystal structure is the easiest and most reliable thing i can think of, other than analysis. Chem-x-rax-lenses etc. For me at least.

Shawn Ryan says the technology is greatly reducing the cost of doing business in the initial stages of mineral exploration.:

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/dro ... -1.1386299

Food for thought, The above was Presented In Toronto 2 weeks ago to the Canadian Prospectors & Developers Association. Its not a case of if this type of drone prospecting will happen, it is happening right now.

The way digital photography has improved recently. Have you noticed!, its off the show. Getting enough pixels or more of it has never been easier. The last 18 months or so, i have gone after the minerals and indicators in Tasmania associated with the target mineral i'm after, Gold mostly. But, Not looking for the gold as such, but finding way more of it in the long run! That's on the ground looking. So i get lots of time to practice and look. If it works, i will be spending more time at home and finding more mineralization than ever before.

Digital Crystallography involves taking a Digital image. And then entering the angles of the target crystal.
Quartz SiO4 TETRAHEDRA is142 Deg - 134 Deg - 120 Deg - 86 Deg.
No matter what colour or size or location on earth. The angles will be the same. (There are bent and reformed and twinned crystals of course. But even they will have remnant correct angles)

I also thought about diffraction, but the randomness of the light conditions in each image would render it useless in testing.

Once the angles are entered. the software runs it to scan for those angles in the fore or background or the image and darkens the rest of the image or highlights the angels im after. I am using open source algorithms to cut out false targets.

Its exactly the Same technology as our existing Number Plate cameras and Facial Recognition software. i actually met the guy that first brought the first recognition speed cameras from the UK to Tasmania and helped install them in Hobart. Its also, The same reason we have the English style number plate today.

And, Its from him i got my idea. The use of Photography and the quality has made this possible. 10 years ago you would be lucky to take a photo of a small object for more then 6 feet way. Today i can put a 21 mega pixel camera up and most new gen smartphones in a multicopter drone to get up into the escarpments. impossible or deadly any other way.

i also have potential access to 4 billion smart phones on the ground and their images with inbuilt GPS cords in each image. I only use 0.1% of the image. So, Copyright conformation is my next goal. For the mean time i am using free to use creative commons images. The beauty of the system is it is in constant motion always searching in the background of images looking for crystals and i can build a digital map from it. The disadvantage is the actual Crystals must be exposed to view to get in the image in the first place. So escarpments and exposed earth are the only options at present.

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