Queenstown area - The nuggets are flowing.

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Re: Queenstown area - The nuggets are flowing.

Post by Philski » Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:11 am

Osmaridium used to be rubbish till a Tasmanian sold it to the World.

i cant wait to tell the Australian Gemboree next year they are selling minerals. And, the ramifications. And, every mineral seller in this country and mineral shop. And, report it. It would impact the Australian economy,

Perhaps the World economic geology forum about to happen in this State would be a better target. For Global impact. you are going? aren't you.? i am.. its important.. once in a lifetime in a room full of world class geologist all interested in this State. at once no less. Or the Gem Fair.

I buy a lot of galena and other minerals from Tasmanian mineral sellers and directly from mines. Its easier and cheaper and offers better specimens than i can find on the surface. You do realize that Galena is highly reactive mineral and goes to poo on the surface? The shit we find on top is rubbish, Its a good indicator but rubbish. The smart money is on Sphalerite. More zinc and appreciable silver. But then. Quality over quantity. And we have lots of it,

I also sold 42 out of 80 Turbopans on Ebay while i could. More than every other seller in the world, 52.5%. More than double the rest of all the sellers on ebay globally combined on the largest market place on Earth. cool huh

MRT are staying with me at the moment. Anything you want to say? Let me know and i will pass it on.

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