Metal detecting on a beach made Illegal

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Metal detecting on a beach made Illegal

Post by Philski » Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:36 am

This is in America this week!
un believable..

it will be illegal to metal detect on any beach in Massachusetts in the US. From the 1st of next month. They also banned sluices the same time we did in California so it may or may not impact on us. i hope not

i dont think the Governments of the day realise how much rubbish we actually take off the coast with our detectors. Obviously not! ... 014-a.html

i can see little kids at the beach getting there buckets impounded

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Re: Metal detecting on a beach made Illegal

Post by Philski » Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:23 pm

just in,, they have repealed the law in favor of the prospectors. Amazing what you can do with a voice!
HI Folks; BARKR here. The Final Results are in.: The DCR has TOTALLY relinquished any and ALL aspects of this Law as was Passed. This is TOTALLY due to all of your Signatures, emails etc. to the DCR. This Law is now DEAD !!! Here is the final email that Roger received from the DCR regarding this Decision and all of it's related matters ok.

-----Original Message-----
From: Roger Barbrick <>
To: gorl <>
Sent: Wed, Jun 18, 2014 1:48 pm
Subject: We saved our right to metal detect DCR Beaches!

To my metal detecting friends;
Today after I sent another email reminding the DCR that we were waiting for a response, I received the following email.

Dear Mr. Barbrick:

I am sending this email on behalf of Mrs. Ellen FitzPatrick who is currently out of office.

Thank you for your follow-up email. We apologize for any confusion and hope that this email can provide some clarification.

After receiving your latest email, I consulted with several of my colleagues in order to better understand the intent of the latest recommendation regarding our metal detecting regulation. As it pertains to metal detecting on coastal and inland beaches, permission from the park supervisor will actually not be required. I apologize for any confusion that may have been caused by the previous email. As for other non-beach areas within DCR parks and forests – where metal detecting is not currently allowed due to potential natural, cultural, and archaeological resource protection concerns – metal detecting will be allowed when searching for specific lost personal property with verbal permission from the park supervisor.

Once again, thank you for your continued interest in DCR. We hope this addresses your questions.

DCR MassParks Team

So as you can see we will continue to be allowed to metal detect on all DCR coastal & inland beaches and without 1st having to seek permission, according to the above email. :-)

Below is the comeplete trail of emails ending with the above statement that we can continue to detect the DCR beaches.
Thank you all for your support and help in getting our message to the DCR.
We are not Vandals, we are Hobbiest that do much more good than most know and through our efforts I think we showed everyone the truth about what we do.
When reading the email thread below, start from the bottom and read your way up if you want to see what transpired.
Thanks again for helping me get this done! It wouldn't have happened without your phonecalls, emails and signing the petition!

Roger Barbrick (Dirtscanner)
Salem, MA

I have not included those emails because to do so would be Redundant in this case. The bottom line here is Folks that "YOUR VOICE WAS HEARD" loud and clear. Kind of like "the shot heard around the world."
From this point I will do what I can to help each of you to Repeal these oppressive Laws in your given areas in any way I can. It is time WE change the history of this Oppression and the overall Public view of our great hobby/Profession . We as Treasure Hunters NOW have a VOICE and it is time to let our Voice be heard loud and clear Nation wide.
God Bless Each of You and Yours.

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